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IceWM is a window manager that controls the appearance, placement & manipulation of windows. The goal of IceWM is speed, simplicity, and not getting in the user's way. It is a light window manager which should be familar to Windows users. IceWM seems to work well in Puppy, and plays well with Rox-filer. Its appearance can be changed by using different themes.

The default window manager in Puppy is JWM but you can replace it with IceWM if you want.

Some IceWM-on-Puppy Screenshots

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IceWM theme Vista Black IV IceWM theme Golden Mood another IceWM theme

Some of the different window appearances possible using different themes
different window decorations

Get IceWM

Some recent puppies come with IceWM pre-installed, although you may have to select it in the window manager selection tool first. Otherwise icewm may be installed from the package manager. If you must have the latest version a search on the forum can help you locate a recent .pet file. ====See also==== [[windowmanagers Puppy wiki page about window managers]] [[ IceWM home page]] ==IceWM"" Themes Exchange
There is a thread in the Puppy forum where users are posting IceWM themes to modify the appearance of IceWM in their Puppy. You can try these themes too once you have IceWM installed.
IceWM Themes Exchange


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