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JWM About

JWM (Joe's Window Manager) is the default window manager in many Puppy Linux versions including Puppy4. It is light weight using only Xlib at a minimum.

A window manager is an application that manages windows: it lets you open, close, maximize and minimize windows. The window manager draws the window borders and captions.

In order to keep Puppy small in size and retain functionality, Puppy uses a lightweight window manager called JWM (Joe's Window Manager), which also manages a panel on the bottom of the screen. Some versions of Puppy contain other window managers, such as IceWM, Fluxbox or Openbox.

Puppy Versions using JWM
The standard versions of Puppy 3, 4 and Puppy 5.3 Slacko use JWM as the default, Puppy 5.2x Lucid has JWM as alternative (select by using WMSwitcher).

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