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libidn Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) convert STRINGS, or standard input; command-line interface to the internationalized domain name library

Verify the installed version by using the command-line interface:
idn --version software package - DISCLAIMER {includes DEV files}

idn [OPTION]... [STRINGS]...

-h, --help Print help and exit
-V, --version Print version and exit
-s, --stringprep Prepare string according to nameprep profile
-d, --punycode-decode Decode Punycode
-e, --punycode-encode Encode Punycode
-a, --idna-to-ascii Convert to ACE according to IDNA (default mode)
-u, --idna-to-unicode Convert from ACE according to IDNA
--allow-unassigned Toggle IDNA AllowUnassigned flag (default off)
--usestd3asciirules Toggle IDNA UseSTD3ASCIIRules flag (default off)
--no-tld Don't check string for TLD specific rules
Only for --idna-to-ascii and --idna-to-unicode
-n, --nfkc Normalize string according to Unicode v3.2 NFKC
-p, --profile=STRING Use specified stringprep profile instead
Valid stringprep profiles: `Nameprep',
`iSCSI', `Nodeprep', `Resourceprep',
`trace', `SASLprep'
--debug Print debugging information
--quiet Silent operation

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