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Lxpup is a lightweight distribution with versions based on Slacko by 01micko, and Precise from Barry Kauler. The desktop environment LXDE seems to be a good compromise between lightness, ease and more aesthetically pleasing. It was created by Jejy69.

This derivative is simply easier to use, lightweight, user-friendly, flexible. It will suit the old and the latest computers, thanks to kernel 3.1.10 and 3.2.29 with Precise. It has a base Slackware/Ubuntu, and therefore a large number of packages easily installable via PPM.

Version 13.10
LxPup13.10 uses the components from LxPup-by-SFS added onto the Slacko5.6 base using the Woofy0.91 and Edit-Initrdgz-1.4 tools.

It offers Openbox as it’s window manager, LxPanelX (a fork of LxPanel) as it’s panel manager and PCManFM as it’s file manager. This version is created by PeeBee.

screenshot screenshot

LxPup is available as a complete Puppy version
Versions by PeeBee:
LxPup13.10 download thread

Alternately it is available as an SFS package for Slacko, Precise and Upup-Raring:
LxPup 5.5 SFS package thread

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