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We will have a Puppy IRC meeting (**click on chat** in Puppy) Sunday 30 May 2010
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**00:00 New York 05:00 London 14:00 Sydney**
[Chair - Raffy] [Deputy Chair - Lobster]
Meets, greets, intros
Reports and insights from active Puppys as available
Deep Thought 4.2
Lucid Puppy 5.0
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Software depositories
Developer Discussion
[[Woof]] or compile from scratch for [[Puppy6 Puppy 6]]
Code sharing
Any other business
creating fault/problem template
Set next meeting

Warren (WhoDo) Developer of two community additions - hopefully
"I'll try and drop in on the meeting when you set a time, but no promises mate"

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**useful IRC commands**
/IGNORE pupuser34troll56 all

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