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<gnz11> although not necc, due to questions about it all the time. is there a pet-b-gone equivalent that could be added for woof?
* Bloodhound seconds ralphv about using ext3 for save files
<ttuuxxx> Hi Barryk What do you think of puppy 6 being built 100% from scratch? I wouldn't mind compilig hundreds of apps like I did for 2.14X, I think it was over 200 apps I compiled for it.
<WhoDo2> I suggest that Technosaurus rename 4.4 to 6.0 following the numbering reasoning and avoiding further confusion between 4.x and 5.x series.
<barryk> ttuuxxx: Fresh compile is the ONLY way to go.
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<ralphv> 2.14X has an ext3 pup save, it never has errors
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<micko01> Barry is working on a "pet be gone", you can check his blog, I think puppymartin has written something new
<Lobster> I would not mind chipping in on compiling. We need all the help we can get to keep the package manager updated frequently.
<WhoDo2> Jeff, can you work from the packages already built for 4.x4???
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<gnz11> they don't listen when you tell them things break if you start hacking parts out
<raffy-here> Would Barry please addd more details to "fresh compile"?
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<ttuuxxx> I wish warren but the GlibC is too dated in 4 series, puppy 6 would have use the latest GlibC
<jemimah> Is a T2 build really that much different than compiling from scratch?
<amish> ttuuxxx: is there any way you can work with Xrter to integrate some of Charmelon's awesomeness into Puppy 6?
<Xethron> Ill help compile too where neccesary
<k3hrn-thom> suggest you devs solicit comments/requests from users
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<OverDrive> As for size, I'm starting to think 128mb sized puppy might be more appropriate now that we are some 5 years down the line from the 1st release.
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<barryk> raffy-here: Compile EVERYTHING from source. Start fresh.
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<raffy-here> ok, barry, thanks
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<WhoDo2> If Jeff aka ttuuxxx wants the lead I'd support that.
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, why???
<amish> ttuuxxx: is there any way you can work with Xrter to integrate some of Charmelon's awesomeness into Puppy 6?
<gnz11> since it was brought up is there a way to make an option for the format of pupsave, ex2 or ex3
<raffy-here> Notes: the new idea on the table is focus 5.x on binary compatibility and 6.x on a compile-from-scratch
<WhoDo2> agreed raffy
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, and you are misinformed , i happen to use puppy since nearly 7 years
<micko01> raffy, sounds good
<scsijon> alldev: how much problem is a full compile?
<ralphv> I saw a post that says you have to make a change in initrd.gz to get puppy to work with ext3 pupsaves
<raffy-here> waiting for different opinion...
<k3hrn-thom> nite all...questions and suggestions ignored....time to leave
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<OverDrive> we are 5 years down the line from where we started. 128mb pc's were started to be built 10 years ago. They should be more available to the masses by now. they are <$40 usd here
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, do you even read what people say?
<WhoDo2> Lobster, can we put up a suggestion page on the wiki or forum to give the users a single point of access for 6.x series development suggestions?
<OverDrive> Not when I'm typing. I'm checking now
<barryk> Well you blokes, I'm off. Time to feed the termites.
<Lobster> WhoDo2: That is a great idea, Yes.
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<ralphv> lol
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, how could it be 5 years when i use it since nearly 7?
<raffy-here> OK, if the new 5.x and 6.x ideas are unanimous, we can get on to the websites/repositories issues - shall we call these as a whole, SUPPORT ?
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, when it was 20MB
<raffy-here> thanks, barryk
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<WhoDo2> agreed
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<Bloodhound> size DOES matter
<micko01> yes
<OverDrive> I guessed it was around 2005 maybe I;m wrong
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