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<k3hrn-thom> all one of them has to do is step up and agree to moderate it
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<OverDrive> Yep, your right except for this meeting
<Lobster> lets start the meeting
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<Bloodhound> k3hrn-thom, meetings have traditionally be held in #puppylinux-foundation
<WhoDo2> Ty
<ttuuxxx> hi Guys
<amish> Don't wait until 0400z
<amish> Jump the gun
<WhoDo2> Hi Jeff
<amish> Like Puppy releases
<gnz11> just log it
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<ttuuxxx> hi warren nice to see ya here
<amish> ttuuxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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<ttuuxxx> hi amish
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<WhoDo2> Ed, close enough is good enough when it comes to a meeting time.
<amish> ttuuxxx How are the remedial grammar classes coming along?
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<ttuuxxx> ok well this is my first attendance at a puppy meeting so I'll sit back and join in when its time, until I get a feel for it
<gnz11> if bodies in the romm , do it now
<gnz11> room
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<OverDrive> same here ttuuxxx
<WhoDo2> Hi boss
<barryk> Hello friends.
<ttuuxxx> Hi Barry K
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<barryk> hi Jeff!
<OverDrive> hi barryk
<barryk> Warren
<barryk> hi
<Xethron> am I late?
<micko01> hello all
<Lobster> hello barryk
<barryk> Hello Ed
<WhoDo2> Hello micko
<scsijon> good morning ,afternoon, evening, night all. Hope my bits on the discussion topic didn't sound too stuffy. I'm just a bit worried that puppy is getting off the road.
<ttuuxxx> hi Micko
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<Xethron> Where is the meething gonne be held?
<micko01> hja jeff
<WhoDo2> Here and now Xethron
<Xethron> lol sweet
<Xethron> Just woke up...
<gnz11> get the coffee
<barryk> Lobster: Could we please start this meeting with a moment of silence for the dearly departed Gary Coleman?
<Lobster> barryk: That would be a grand idea.
<Bloodhound> o-0
<ttuuxxx> also Dennis Hopper died yesterday
<Xethron> My alarm went off and I was like... this is wrong... turnded around and slept further... 10 minutes later O CRAP
<Lobster> it is a sad day in Hollywood, and a very sad day for the fans
<k3hrn-thom> I thought this was about Puppy
* Bloodhound has never heard of Gary Coleman
<Lobster> Bloodhound: He created the Mac OS
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<gnz11> what you talkin bout bloodhound
<Xethron> o wow
<ttuuxxx> Gary Coleman <
little african American in Different Strokes
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<k3hrn-thom> did he use Puppy?
<gnz11> and more recent fame as bad behave child start
<Bloodhound> gnz11, umm... what was not clear?
<k3hrn-thom> Is there a Gary Coleman puplet?
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<raffy> nick raffy-here
<gnz11> k3hrn-thom that is a band nem
<WhoDo2> Time being wasted here people .... Hi raffy
* raffy is now known as raffy-here
<Bloodhound> gnz11, i said i never heard about any Gary Coleman...
<raffy-here> hello all
<gnz11> nvm
<amish> Rumor has it that Gary Coleman used Ubuntu IRL
<k3hrn-thom> Heh
<amish> AND he was a regular in #ubuntu
<k3hrn-thom> Who cares?
<Xethron> lol
<OverDrive> Um, this is looking like trol city
<amish> Though with a pseudonym
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<WhoDo2> 5 mins to quit time for me
<Xethron> well if ubuntu is missing someone now... then we know
<Lobster> Anyhow, lets get on with the pressing matters.
<ttuuxxx> yes lobster I agree
<Xethron> Agreed
<amish> I have a shirt that needs pressing.
<k3hrn-thom> Thanks Lobster
<OverDrive> yes lets
<Lobster> Your welcome.
<raffy-here> good Lobster is here, we will have a permanent Chair:)
<Bloodhound> pressing bladders?
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<k3hrn-thom> I have a question to pose to the devs
<raffy-here> Anyway, conrats to playdayz and micko for Puppy5
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<micko01> ty raffy
<Lobster> k3hrn-thom: Please, let's hear the question.
<raffy-here> and thanks as always to BarryK
<k3hrn-thom> Would you give us a status on projects that are unfinished...and your estimation of completion date
<raffy-here> Since Puppy5 and the last release DeepThought are in the agenda, let's hear it from micko/playdayz/whodo
<k3hrn-thom> Perhaps someone would be kind enough to post the agenda
<raffy-here> hoghts/updates about Puppy5/6
<gnz11> raffy i thought deep thought was 421
<amish> gnz11: You're out of order.
<raffy-here> yes, the lst community release b4 puppy5
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<WhoDo2> Q was about incomplete releases i.e. 4.4x ? Technosaurus isn't with us AFAIK
<WhoDo2> May I explain release strategies so BarryK et al can agree or disagree?
<raffy-here> 1st discussion is about releases, so insights about 4.4 are ok
<raffy-here> ok
<Xethron> I agree with k3hrn-thom, where is the agenda?
<jemimah> agenda:
<WhoDo2> 4.x series is the continuation of Tpup (built with Woof) - not built around binary compatability with any other distro
<pupdude> Thank you jemimah
<WhoDo2> 5.x series is built around binary compatability with other distro's for access to repos.
<WhoDo2> 6.x series would be the next generation of Tpup i.e. Puppy only build.
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<Bloodhound> phew
<pupuser22c270> grattins for Argentina for all
<WhoDo2> ttuuxxx suggested it should be built again from scratch as was 4.3x
<WhoDo2> Any questions, disagreement so far?
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<gnz11> no 2 years is a bit of time for a base change. sonds llike a good idea
<Xethron> thanks jemimah
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<Lobster> I strongly agree with ttuuxxx. Rebuild from scratch.
<ttuuxxx> I do suggest that Series 6 should be compiled from scratch Like 2 series was, To bring the size back down to 100MB
<Bloodhound> even 100 is much
<Bloodhound> 2.01 was 69
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<ralphv> and lets use ext3 pup saves, too. ext2 pup saves have errors in them after a proper shutdown
<gnz11> 100m is a good number for balance of software
<k3hrn-thom> suggestion?
<ttuuxxx> maybe use a older kernel say from series 4.0 and xorg from series 4 and the rest of the apps the latest current ones
<WhoDo2> Thinking is that odd series numbers = binary compatability, even series = Puppy built plain
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<Bloodhound> gnz11, its not about a nice "number" its about what fits into RAM of older pc's
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<micko01> not a bad idea Warren
<raffy-here> having 5.x for binary comptiblity experiement looks good
<Bloodhound> WhoDo2, that creates *lots* of confusions with users, daily to observe here
<gnz11> yes but there are usually bb/fat free versions available. dsl ran itself down with only 50m
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* Bloodhound rmembers puppy being 20MB
<k3hrn-thom> increase number of sfs files allowed
<Xethron> Puppy has allot of duplicate apps and in the end allot of people's first wish it to bypass them. Seamonkey I personally think should be replaced with something like Opera. Its even faster in some cases in my opinion,
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<gnz11> Bloodhound, puppy 1.x?
<Bloodhound> opera is proprietary
<WhoDo2> To avoid browser wars, I would suggest that the Quickpet solution be mainstreamed.
<Bloodhound> gnz11, 0.6 thereabouts
<raffy-here> browser choice solved in 5.x - user chooses
<amish> Moving right along -
<Bloodhound> sounds like windows, but ok
<micko01> puppy shouldn't become browserless, so a good small browser, like Midori, may be the way to go
<ralphv> for a nice surprise, run e2fsck on a pup save and watch the errors
<Xethron> aah, haven't used 5...
<Lobster> midori, dillo, kazehakase
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<gnz11> although not necc, due to questions about it all the time. is there a pet-b-gone equivalent that could be added for woof?
* Bloodhound seconds ralphv about using ext3 for save files
<ttuuxxx> Hi Barryk What do you think of puppy 6 being built 100% from scratch? I wouldn't mind compilig hundreds of apps like I did for 2.14X, I think it was over 200 apps I compiled for it.
<WhoDo2> I suggest that Technosaurus rename 4.4 to 6.0 following the numbering reasoning and avoiding further confusion between 4.x and 5.x series.
<barryk> ttuuxxx: Fresh compile is the ONLY way to go.
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<ralphv> 2.14X has an ext3 pup save, it never has errors
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<micko01> Barry is working on a "pet be gone", you can check his blog, I think puppymartin has written something new
<Lobster> I would not mind chipping in on compiling. We need all the help we can get to keep the package manager updated frequently.
<WhoDo2> Jeff, can you work from the packages already built for 4.x4???
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<gnz11> they don't listen when you tell them things break if you start hacking parts out
<raffy-here> Would Barry please addd more details to "fresh compile"?
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<ttuuxxx> I wish warren but the GlibC is too dated in 4 series, puppy 6 would have use the latest GlibC
<jemimah> Is a T2 build really that much different than compiling from scratch?
<amish> ttuuxxx: is there any way you can work with Xrter to integrate some of Charmelon's awesomeness into Puppy 6?
<Xethron> Ill help compile too where neccesary
<k3hrn-thom> suggest you devs solicit comments/requests from users
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<OverDrive> As for size, I'm starting to think 128mb sized puppy might be more appropriate now that we are some 5 years down the line from the 1st release.
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<barryk> raffy-here: Compile EVERYTHING from source. Start fresh.
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<raffy-here> ok, barry, thanks
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<WhoDo2> If Jeff aka ttuuxxx wants the lead I'd support that.
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, why???
<amish> ttuuxxx: is there any way you can work with Xrter to integrate some of Charmelon's awesomeness into Puppy 6?
<gnz11> since it was brought up is there a way to make an option for the format of pupsave, ex2 or ex3
<raffy-here> Notes: the new idea on the table is focus 5.x on binary compatibility and 6.x on a compile-from-scratch
<WhoDo2> agreed raffy
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, and you are misinformed , i happen to use puppy since nearly 7 years
<micko01> raffy, sounds good
<scsijon> alldev: how much problem is a full compile?
<ralphv> I saw a post that says you have to make a change in initrd.gz to get puppy to work with ext3 pupsaves
<raffy-here> waiting for different opinion...
<k3hrn-thom> nite all...questions and suggestions ignored....time to leave
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<OverDrive> we are 5 years down the line from where we started. 128mb pc's were started to be built 10 years ago. They should be more available to the masses by now. they are <$40 usd here
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, do you even read what people say?
<WhoDo2> Lobster, can we put up a suggestion page on the wiki or forum to give the users a single point of access for 6.x series development suggestions?
<OverDrive> Not when I'm typing. I'm checking now
<barryk> Well you blokes, I'm off. Time to feed the termites.
<Lobster> WhoDo2: That is a great idea, Yes.
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<ralphv> lol
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, how could it be 5 years when i use it since nearly 7?
<raffy-here> OK, if the new 5.x and 6.x ideas are unanimous, we can get on to the websites/repositories issues - shall we call these as a whole, SUPPORT ?
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, when it was 20MB
<raffy-here> thanks, barryk
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<WhoDo2> agreed
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<Bloodhound> size DOES matter
<micko01> yes
<OverDrive> I guessed it was around 2005 maybe I;m wrong
<ttuuxxx> So I guess its agreed puppy 6 will be "Back to the roots"
<ralphv> everybody run e2fsck on their pup saves!
<WhoDo2> Yes, Jeff
<raffy-here> hmm, nice description, ttuuxxx
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, dont guess and make claims then like it was so
<jemimah> we can agree all day but someone has to build it
<micko01> nat a bad codename
<Bloodhound> back to the roots sounds like the right spirit
<Lobster> Hmm, repositories. Delete everything. We need to start from scratch on that and make sure we keep packages up-to-date.
<OverDrive> sorry, I came in around 2006 :-S
<WhoDo2> jemimah would you be willing to give Jeff aka ttuuxxx a hand?
<amish> Puppy 6 - codename Dog Knot
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, the last version i use is from 2006, too much bloat for me after that
<jemimah> Well it depends what's "decided" here
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<ralphv> amish, was that the same barryk that was at the last meeting?
<Lobster> amish: i second that
<OverDrive> still 128mb pc's are plentfull around here nowadays...
<raffy-here> Lobster, why do that? any particular reason?
<ttuuxxx> well it looked like Barry agreed it should be built from scratch, I would say either myself or jemimah or both will build it, I'll have to put all other works on hold.
<micko01> Well. I nominate ttuuxxx to coordinate pupp 6, seconds?
<amish> ralphv: I'm thinking so, yes.
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<WhoDo2> seconded
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, feel free to send me one
<runtt21> ttuuxxx what about 4.3.2 ?
<ralphv> ttuuxxx, your 2.14X has a nice ext 3 pup save. I request the same for puppy 6.
<WhoDo2> 4.3.2 superseded by 5.x release
<OverDrive> shipping cost more than the pc :-)
<Lobster> raffy-here: no particular reason. it just sounds right.
<ttuuxxx> runtt21 I have some time I'll do one 4.32 final for you to use for macpup.
<CrustyLobster2> I have put the text of the meeting on the wiki
<raffy-here> Abt organizing for 6.x, lets just accept nominations for now - for thhe team
<WhoDo2> agreed raffy
<runtt21> Thx
<jc2> 4.32 is already solid,using it daily
<scsijon> if some one will guide when necessary on what is needed to be tested, i'll run a testing reigime
<micko01> ok, raffy, so first nom .. ttuuxxx
<raffy-here> youcan volunteer (nominate self) :)
<ralphv> CrustyLobster2, only part of the meeting is posted
<CrustyLobster2> Not sure who is using the name 'Lobster' but Ed Jason=CrustyLobster2 - sorry about being late
<raffy-here> yes, ttuuxxx, and jemimah was mentioned, too?
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<Bloodhound> OverDrive, and why you talk about a 128MB and relate it to PC's with 128MB RAM???
<amish> lulz
<Lobster> CrustyLobster2: don't claim to be me.
<Lobster> You god damn fucking prick.
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<micko01> not me! I can help out heaps, atm I am looking after localisation for 5.1, as well as fine tuning Quickpet
<raffy-here> Ohh, Lobster2 is the real one. greets
<CrustyLobster2> If anyone has the rest of the meeting please post to wiki
<raffy-here> we're now accepting nominees to 6.x team (volunteers welcome)
<Lobster> CrustyLobster2: quit posing, gtfo
<amish> CrustyLobster2: I hope you have a legitimate reason for being late
<Xethron> lol
<raffy-here> it's his normal waking up time - ask his DR. :)
<pupuser5fbe70> hay i would like to see 6 on my dell b130
<Bloodhound> real on IRC are registered nicks
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<raffy-here> meantime that nominations are coming in, what about ideas/reports on support (websites, repos)
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<pupuser5fbe70> raffy can you send out ver.6 on irc transfer
<WhoDo2> Ed we need to move further discussion to a private forum to avoid the trolls.
<Lobster> I agree
<CrustyLobster2> '/IGNORE Lobster all' for those who are trolling
<Xethron> I think its important that the repositories be kept up to date...
<OverDrive> I am saying 128mb sized pc's are fairly normal now. So perhaps puppy could take advantage of the extra ram.
<LobsterEd> CrustyLobster2 is the fraud
<Lobster> Xethron: that is what I was saying.
<Xethron> Im just confirming
<CrustyLobster2> '/IGNORE LobsterEd all'
<LobsterEd> I believe it's important that the suppositories are up to date
<WhoDo2> We could make 6.x our version of an LTS release and go from there with support and repos
<Lobster> rofl
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<raffy-here> good idea, whodo
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, if you have a 128MB RAM pc, system could be *maximum* half!!
<pupuser5fbe70> is 6.x reddy
<scsijon> is there a need to split the ownership of maintaining repositry into groups, say core, apps1, apps2...
<raffy-here> LTS=long-term support
<zots> I have two 128meg laptops sitting here. sent to me with the "keep the laptop, i just need the data off the hard drive" contract
<LobsterEd2> pupuser5fbe70: yes
<ralphv> what's
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<CrustyLobster2> '/IGNORE LobsterEd2 all'
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* LobsterEd2 is now known as |LobsterEd|
<Lobster> CrustyLobster2: Will you stop already before you are kicked for trolling.
<raffy-here> good idea, too, scsijon
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<CrustyLobster2> Just add trolls to the ignore list
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<|LobsterEd|> CrustyLobster2: that syntax only works for certain IRC clients
<Xethron> I think that pet-get needs a bit more work... also make it usable in command line!
<OverDrive> Bloodhound do u mean the OS should be no more than 64mb?
<|LobsterEd|> CrustyLobster2: therefore, you fail
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<nnhit> hello
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<Lobster> Ok, lets move this meeting to #puppylinux-devmeeting.
<WhoDo2> Happy to help ttuuxxx, jemimah and micko01 among others with some coordination of effort re packages etc., but not interested in building another version. No time.
<Lobster> The trolls are here.
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, for a pc of 128MB that would even be much
<nnhit> loooove puppy!
<raffy-here> uses pets from CLI, I guess?
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<pupuser5fbe70> ayttm is not as good as the irc prog in ver4
<pupuser5fbe70> lol
<raffy-here> Notice: Lobster will be chair at puppylinux-devmeeting (I have requested him to)
<zots> may I listen in?
<runtt21> goodnight all
<Bloodhound> now we need a table
<raffy-here> I will stay here to catch additional ideas/motions
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<elraven> how will thew structure of 6x be decided ??
<raffy-here> by the team
* micko01 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<WhoDo2> define "structure"
* jemimah ( has left #puppylinux
* micko01 ( has joined #puppylinux
<pupuser5fbe70> so is there a ftp server or some ware to get ver 6
* nuption (~45aba90a@gateway/web/freenode/x-harczzwnoigjywgh) has joined #puppylinux
<Lobster> Please. Join #puppylinux-devmeeting to continue our discussions.
* pupuser402usa (~ae78f812@gateway/web/freenode/x-jzpsjznpqazoprsf) has joined #puppylinux
<elraven> you know, the way puppy is put together , number of apps and so forth
<pupuser5fbe70> Join #puppylinux-devmeeting
<WhoDo2> the team will decide after listening to community and dev input as usual
<raffy-here> put / in your join command
* pupuser5fbe70 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<raffy-here> ok, guys, my battery is going and my social obligations will take over :)
* nuption is now known as alienuption
* pupuser402usa is now known as alienfred
<Xethron> lol
<elraven> thanks raffy-here :)
<Xethron> cheers raffy-here
<OverDrive> Hmmm....I'm using a laptop with 96mb on 4.12 with pfix=noram and swap (which is never touched). But I guess for new users that would not be easily figuired out
<WhoDo2> I've had enough of the rubbish too raffy.
<raffy-here> Kindly catch last-minute ideas/nominations, Whodo (co-chair for releases)
<Xethron> Thanks for the input
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<CrustyLobster2> Thanks for you help - thanks for being here Warren :)
* big_bass (~big_bass@ has joined #puppylinux
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* Lobster is now known as alienbutthole
<raffy-here> mm, warrn, i guess that's part of cht-lese exchange :)
* pupuser5fbe70 (~pupuser5f@ has joined #puppylinux
<raffy-here> chat-lese
* Pupuser402 (~puppy@ has joined #puppylinux
<raffy-here> thanks, guys!
<Bloodhound> OverDrive, if i had to use pfix=noram, then i just use a more light system than puppy, rather
<alienbutthole> you guys are all idiots.. you realize this right?
* tubeguy ( has joined #puppylinux
<alienbutthole> no wonder this distribution smells like its been jammed up someones ass
<micko01> may I suggest that for future meetings, the chat room id be pmed to the interested partys
<big_bass> hey
<ralphv> hi big_bass
<alienbutthole> may i suggest that everyone just gives it up. lost cause.
<jc2> great idea
<OverDrive> Well, I am partial to puppy. I that laptop is not my main pc
<ttuuxxx> hi bigbass/Joe :)
<Xethron> Agreed
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<CrustyLobster2> Yes that can be done Mick
<micko01> hi Joe
<ralphv> CrustyLobster2, you are the only lobster with a british IP, could you make another channel?
<tubeguy> yo mick
<big_bass> hey ralphv
<ttuuxxx> I did kind of ask for that just for that reason.
<Xethron> Dev discussions shouldn't be held in main channe;
<micko01> hey tubeguy
* Pupuser402 is now known as gnz1
<Xethron> channel*
* jemimah ( has joined #puppylinux
<raffy-here> meeting continues in #puppylinux-devmeeting
<big_bass> ttuuxxx hey Jeff
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<CrustyLobster2> No I can not make another channel
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<tubeguy> oy vey, is it always like this?
<alienbutthole> CrustyLobster2: the gui impared do not know how to create a channel.
<CrustyLobster2> Also I was kicked from the development channel
<gnz1> sorry to ask but had to change location. what was the idea for further development
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<Xethron> dont worry CrustyLobster2 everyone left
<ralphv> CrustyLobster2, just type /j #roomnamehere and it will be created
<OverDrive> how do I go to #puppylinux-devmeeting. My first day chatting?
<Xethron> type /join and the channel name
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<Xethron> double clicking will also join it I think
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<big_bass> hey micko01 ,CrustyLobster2, ,raffy
<micko01> puppy 5x will continue on as being built from woof with other distros binaries, and Puppy 6 will be a "back to roots" distro all recompiled from scratch
<Xethron> Ok umm... so is this meeting gonne continue? And where?
<ralphv> waiting for CrustyLobster2 to type /j #makeupaname
<gnz1> thx micko01 that was where i left at
<CrustyLobster2> I would suggest that if anyone has the complete transcript they post to the wiki
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<big_bass> I always use this older package
<Xethron> CrustyLobster2, you gonne make us a channel?
<ralphv> with all that junk mixed in?
<CrustyLobster2> no with the junk removed
<gnz1> big bass doesn't that gaim still puke on msn and yahoo
<ttuuxxx> CrustyLobster2 I have it all, I'll PM it to you in the forum
<CrustyLobster2> thanks ttuuuxxx
<gnz1> ran a 3 pup and it didn't like
<ralphv> we can continue meeting here, the fake lobsters have left
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