is the script to launch Network Wizard, written by BarryK, but greatly enhanced by Dougal, Rarsa, Shinobar and others. From 2010 TO 2016 there was little to no change in the code. The exact path is:


The primary GUI windows defined in this script are:
1. Main Window (Let's you pick an interface to configure or load a Kernel Module).
2. Configure Network Interface Window
3. Load Module Window
4. Static IP Configuration (Launched from the Configure Network Interface Window)

There is also a GUI window to configure and select wirless profiles. However, this functionality is defined in a separate file located at:

and can be launched independently of Hence the wireless profile functionality could be viewed as a separate wizard. When is called from the command line the first function called is showProfileWindw(), which will build and open the profile window. However, when is sourced, as it is in no GUI windows are opened automaticly. This allows to also be used as a function library as it is in instead directly calls showProfileWindw() when the user clicks on the wireless buton from within the "Configure Network Interface" window.

Turn into a function library by s243a (2 Sept 2016)


via s243a's github at s243a's pearltrees


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