The net-tools package contains the following network tools:

utilityAvailable by defaultManpagesNote
on puppylinux
arp No arp(8)
hostname hostname(1)
ifconfig Yesifconfig(8)
mii-tool mii-tool(8)
nameif nameif(8)
netstat netstat(8)
plipconfig netstat(8)
rarp rarp(8)
route route(8)
slattach slattach(8)

Puppylinux and net-tools

(Note: I need to verify this section. Typing this up on a windows machine at the moment)

Many of the PuppyLinux Network Wizards are still built upon the older net-tools utilities via BusyBox. This provides stability with older versions of PuppyLinux. BusyBox is a core component of puppylinux and includes built into it some of the functionality of both the net-tools package and the newer iproute2.

The advantage of utilizing busybox is that it helps to minimize the size of puppylinux. One of the goals of puppylinux is to provide a lightweight implementation of Linux suitable for older computers.

Binary Downloads

Ubuntu Download: Precise, Trusty, xenial

Source Code

via sourcefordge

Also on this wiki

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