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Summerized by the wizardwizard "connectwizard_2nd" as follows:
This is the most sophisticated tool for network setup in Puppy. It is based on the 'Classic' Network Wizard originally written by BarryK, but greatly enhanced by Dougal, Rarsa, Shinobar and others. It is for both wired (Ethernet) and wireless connectivity, with more configuration features than Frisbee and SNS.

Network Wizard Code (

Script to launch the wizard


source: external link by s243a-github

and the related startub script is:


source: external link by s243a-github

Issues & Fixes

Code Complexity

Some have criticized the complexity of this wizard. This is mostly due to the amount of code. jlst is looking at reducing the amount of code in the wizard by removing code duplication and other things (see thread). In fatdog64 jambesbod replaced this wizard with one from scratch due to the difficulty of trying to maintain a network wizard with so many lines of code (see thread).

GUI Complexity

While the GUI for Network Wizard is relatively simple if you know what you are doing it may require some explanation for a newcomer to puppylinux especially if the newcomer has minimal knowledge of networking.

In order to create a wizard that was simpler for newcomers Bary K created "Simple Networking Wizard". However, in the process some functionality was lost such as the ability to configure static ip addresses. Additionally, networking wizard works for more networking hardware than Simple Networking Wizard does.

Underling Networking Tools

Network Wizard uses the deprecated "Tools" over the new iw utility. This provides greater compatibility with older hardware since iw only supports the newer nl80211 (netlink) standard and not the older WEXT (Wireless EXTentions) standard [1]

Network Wizard also uses net-tools (e.g. ifconfig) rather then the more modern iproute2. iproute2 is need if one wants to have multiple default gateways. iproute2 is available as a pet and also included by default in fatdog64

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