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~**""pUPnGO""** is a basic building block - extract of the very "core" of Puppy Linux, developed by [[goingnuts]]. It is 6Mb without GUI 8Mb with.This Puplet is made from [[P412]] and meant as a basic building block for stand alone applications or embedded systems. Command line only - no GUI. Boots systems with RAM down to 16Mb without swap.

~- Original kernel and initrd.gz
~- New Busybox-1.15-3 with almost all features enabled
~- Original keyboard and locale setup
~- Original save-script
~- Ability to use [[SFS]]
~- Ability to use [[kernel kernel drivers]] in zdrv_412.sfs
~- New DHCP-Client
~- Included lynx2-8-7 as text-only webbrowser

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Barebones]] - less extreme cut down, major apps removed

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