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~~//"pMusic offers all the goodies you should
~~expect of an audioplayer of 100kb"//
~~[[zigbert|Sigmund Berglund]]

===[[pmusicAbout|About]] {{color text="◦" c="white"}} [[pmusicDoc|Documentation]] {{color text="◦" c="white"}} [[pmusicInstall|Install]] {{color text="◦" c="white"}}[[ Forum]] {{color text="◦" c="white"}} [[pmusicIndex|Index]] {{color text="◦" c="white"}} [[pmusicDisclaimer|Disclaimer]]===

=={{color text="Player" c="green"}}==
~-Supports a wide range of file-, stream- and playlist-formats
~-Play audio-CD
~-Input/output [[ sound processing]] like mixer, equalizer, normalize, ...
~-Stream music from and [[]]
~-Thousands of radio stations and podcast channels available
~-Optional Visualization

=={{color text="Manager" c="green"}}==
~-Internal DB for speedy [[pmusicDocSearch search]] and managing track-information
~-[[pmusicDocMetatags Metatags]], [[ album art]], lyrics, artist/album information
~-Favorites, Rating and Bookmark systems for simpler management of your music
~-Multiple playqueues
~-Tools to manage [[ podcasts]] and radio stations
~-Burn/Copy/Convert files along with ordinary file management

=={{color text="Grabber" c="green"}}==
~-Grab music from, or just listen to thousands of radio-stations
~-Store [[ album art]], lyrics and album lists locally
~-Rip audio-CD
~-Download [[ youtube]] tracks

=={{color text="Misc" c="green"}}==
~-Graphical themes and Gui-modular - Choose your [[pmusicFrontends|frontend]] or run only the backend
~-Plugins to extend the builtin features
~-Language support and newbie-friendly

~{{image url="" link="" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot" width="600"}}
~[[ Older screenshots]]
~[[ Alternative frontends]]

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