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Version 1.0.0 | 2.0.0 | 3.0.0 | 4.0.0 | 5.0.0

5.Dec 2017
- Specify in detail the format for input (ffmpeg) and output (aplay) to avoid failure (thanks to 666philb)
- Bugfix: Mixer won't open if using non-us decimal separator (thanks to pro)
- Bugfix: Missing quit-icon in the Nad theme (thanks to pro)
- Bugfix: Streamripper metainfo shows up as Title in the Trackinfo window
- Bugfix: Allow personal rc-file in package (as in Radky's stretch)

8.Nov 2017
- Playqueue - Youtube - Masstagger - Export - Preferences - Podcast - Radio - Themes
- Bugfix: Albumart_search: arrow right is too close playqueue
- Bugfix: CD: add multiple cd-tracks from sourcelist to queue
- Bugfix: mixer window does not open if LANG isn't en/C and alsa contains NLS (thanks to pro)
- Bugfix: ZestyPup: loading trackinfo from www

10.Aug 2017
- Bugfix: Dependency check fails in xenialpup
- Bugfix: Radio frontend: Names of the radio stations are truncated - column should be wider (thanks to norgo)
- Bugfix: Stack holds more than 100 searchresults in $STORAGEDIR/history_files
- Bugfix: Delete/Copy multiple files from sourcelist right-click menu
- Bugfix: Search-string jumps to previous state and freeze content of sourcelist
- Bugfix: Save tags when playing track outside queue
- Bugfix: Don't show sourcelist right-click menu if no item is selected

20.Apr 2017
- Bugfix: Read track-length above 1 hour (thanks to Sailor Enceladus)
- Bugfix: Right-click menu shouldn't allow file-management of directories
- Bugfix: Play CD without grabbing info from cddb fails
- Bugfix: Sourcelist menu: Can't edit non-exisitng files in the DB

24.Mar 2017
- Radio - Playqueue - Export - Podcast - Search - Visualization - Masstagger - Play engine - Sourcelist - Gui - Trackinfo - Support include-mechanishm in asoundrc for bluetooth support (thanks to fr33land and rerwin)
- File chooser (box_chooser) - My Music DB - Move from func to func_C - Top-Hits plugin - Backend plugin - Help: Link to the wiki in all info dialogs
- About: Link to wiki - disclaimer
- Move attribute info (-h/--help) to file txt_attributes.
- Bugfix: General error-msg missing NLS support for the word 'Error' in the frame
- Bugfix: Live stream (no length description) should not add timestamp to favorites
- Bugfix: Adding metatags to downloaded youtube stream including . in name fails
- Bugfix: Search Albumart doesn't react on 'minus' in searchstring

5.Jan 2017
- Bugfix: Export: Disclaimer prevents export (Thanks to MochiMoppel)
- Bugfix: Masstagger: Help dialog prevents tagging (Thanks to MochiMoppel)
- Bugfix: Help/Disclaimer dialogs prevents saving config in preferences (Thanks to MochiMoppel)
- Bugfix: Masstagger: Ensure all files in list get tagged

11.Dec 2016
- Bugfix: xerrs.log is getting filled (thanks to sheldonisaac)

27.Nov 2016
- Bugfix: Delete multiple files
- Bugfix: Search jamendo gives msg about missing index
- Bugfix: Right-click menu sourcelist: (Re)set source in pmu
- Bugfix: Expand several pmu's in sourcelist gives the same id-nr.

27.Oct 2016
- Bugfix: Upgrade from earlier version
- Bugfix: Calculate correct size of albumart in main window

26.Oct 2016
- Bugfix: 5.2.2 gave issues at first run

26.Oct 2016
- Major bugfix: Conditional saving to rc. - Bugfix: .CD frontend is greyed out when entering export window (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: Don't kill Radiograbber window when closing pMusic (thanks to 01micko)

2.Oct 2016
- Search albumart alternatively at slothradio.com and seekacover.com
- Include default geometry for Radio/CD frontends
- Adjust font on smartadd filter-buttons
- Avoid echo 'false' to stdout at startup
- Bugfix: Indexing halts on corrupted file(names)
- Bugfix: Tophits plugin: Pressing a not-found item in playqueue corrupts queue
- Bugfix: Albumart search-settings are lost when opening radio/CD frontend

11.Sept 2016
- Gui - Sound prosessing - Smartadd - Right-click menus - Radio - Radio Grabber - Podcast manager is rewritten (thanks to live) - BPM - Beats per minute - Masstagger - Youtube support (thanks to trio) - id3io - My Music - Trackinfo - Jamendo - Plugin: - Dependency check - Add to Favorites: Add option in the menulist to clear entry - add a mark
- Help - Export: Convert output by default if playqueue contains items that requires convertion
- Get rid of xterm/rxvt in Dependency check
- About dialog - Symlink Rox right-click items from OpenWith to SendTo (thanks to don570)
- New func_C file for functions not using NLS
- Move icons from Hicolor gtk-theme to /usr/share/pixmaps/pmusic/
- Bugfix: Support building pot files with momanager (thanks to L18L)
- Bugfix: Search by click on album-art thumbs: Search only audio-files and playlist files
- Bugfix: Change NLS in preferences requires restart of X (thanks to vicmz)
- Bugfix: Support libcddb without the -i switch (thanks to smokey01)
- Bugfix: Show filetypes in combobox even if no filetype is defined
- Bugfix: Incredible long startup time at first run if wget troubles with connection.

9.Jul 2016
- Podcast - Bugfix: Search alternative source.
- Bugfix: No 'missing meta' msg in album source field
- Bugfix: Preferences dialog doesn't show when souncard is specified
- Bugfix: Filter input to db editor (accept only files)
- Bugfix: Podcast spinbutton (max downloads) is too narrow (thanks to live)

25.Jun 2016
- Bugfix: Save status when switching Normalize checkbox
- Bugfix: Tooltip for Normalize shows up in preferences even if tooltips is turned off.

22.Jun 2016
- Bugfix: My music editor: button 'show DB' shows wrong format in list.
- Bugfix: Faster and more reliable albumart grabber.
- Bugfix: Merge several lines of the same track to DB.
- Bugfix: First time activation of albumart-search didn't gave space to images.
- Bugfix: Export: Syntax in dialog heading: Playlist --> Playqueue.
- Bugfix: Radio frontend: Info in search-field is to long for default gui-width.
- Bugfix: ungroup favorite group.

2.Jun 2016
- Bugfix: Play 1sec files with -B switch. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Rename source file.
- Bugfix: Refresh sourcelist without direct user interaction.
- Bugfix: Missing icon on search-button in dock.

16.Apr 2016
- Add mime for m3u, pls
- Bugfix: First run: Show correct version in main gui if no playing track. (thanks to Flash)
- Bugfix: Masstagger failed. (thanks to Flash)
- Bugfix: LC_ALL can't be set to $LANG (thanks to Pro)
- Bugfix: Restarts gui when adding track from filebrowser
- Bugfix: Add pmu to empty playqueue start playing track nr 2 - not the first.

12.Mar 2016
- Complete rewrite of code for efficiency:

2.Jan 2016
- More responsive rendering of playqueue
- More responsive trackinfo of playing track
- Simplify version upgrade
- Bugfix: Hide scan msg in main gui when starting next track, and it exists in db
- Bugfix: My-music editor gives faulty searchresult for high-rated tracks
- Bugfix: Unable to scale save dialog (remove center attribute)
- Bugfix: High cpu-usage on first run (thanks to norgo)
- Bugfix: Hide indexing msg in main gui when indexing is fast at first run
- Bugfix: Ensure update of albumart in main window
- Bugfix: Verital alignment for number of existing radio/collection/tracks in setup guis (thanks to don570)

13.Dec 2015
- Revert to gzip compression for compatibility with older Puppies
- Bugfix: Correct update of album-art in main window.

18.Nov 2015
- Packed with xz compression
- Bugfix: Some gui-updates fails in Puppy 6.3.0 (gtkdialog checkbox: file-monitor="true" in combination with milliseconds="true")
- Bugfix: Builtin filebrowser doesn't work in Puppy 6.3.0

4.Nov 2015
- Preferences - Radio index updated
- 01micko.com is the prefered server (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: RadioHits: Click 'start grabbing' without anything specified should give error msg.
- Bugfix: Splash at first run won't hide if running pmusic in backend mode. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: --help/-h parameter not working at first run.

30.Aug 2015
- Sound processing: - Export tracks in playlist: - Mixer: - Preferences: - Masstagger: Clear-icon in every tag-field.
- Trackinfo: - Plugins: - Bugfix: Adding CD-audio track to playqueu (using libcddb) shows minutes (below 10) without leading 0.
- Bugfix: Sourcelist: Right-click menu: wrong menuitems for missing tracks in pmu (expanded album).
- Bugfix: Dependency check tells pfilesearch is missing if running version 2.x.
- Bugfix: Spelling errors. (thanks to don570)

14.Jun 2015
- Bugfix: Search only for radio stations when in Radio stream frontend

11.Jun 2015
- Bugfix: Store preferences values when running CD/Radio frontend.
- Bugfix: Won't play mixed playque when some tracks comes from CD-audio.
- Bugfix: Do not overwrite favorites at first run. (thanks to ASRI éducation)
- Bugfix: amazon albumart grabber search also for other stuff than music.

16.May 2015
- Albumart
10.May 2015
- Trackinfo: - Audio mixer: New mute icon.
- Plugins: Top-Hits: Help button.
- Bugfix: Add xml info to the main svg icons (usr/share/icons/hilcolor/scalable/) (thanks to SFR)
- Bugfix: Rename file fails if filename contains '

28.Mar 2015
- New Radio-stream frontend: - Radio: If no index, click in sourcelist instead of msg.
- RadioHits: Add url and name as default if streaming radio.
- Right-click menu - Use theme icons for all navigaton icons in buttons and menu.
- CD-frontend: - Allow editing of command in myMusic editor.
- Trackinfo: - Updated Nad5
- Bugfix: Adding playlist including non-existing tracks loops on existing track.
- Bugfix: Missing button-icon for advanced search in Gtk theme.

1.Mar 2015
- Bugfix: pls playlist won't import if missing url file:// (thanks to don570)

23.Feb 2015
- Support pls playlist files - read/write/browse. (thanks to don570)
- Support asx playlist files - read only. (thanks to OscarTalks)
- Smartadd: Save user-settings for next run.
- Save box: - 'pmusic --help': Improved output for supported formats.
- First run: - Trackinfo: - Main window: - CD frontend: Changed button-placement to match the new navigation buttons.
- Preferences: - Updated radio-station index.
- Updated jamendo index.
- Updated Nad5 graphical theme.
- Bugfix: Get rid of terminal outputs at first run. Use --debug switch.

23.Jan 2015
- Right-click menu: Option to add files recurively if selection is directory. (thanks to greengeek)
- NLS Polish by Robert Wojewódzki (robwoj44)
- Updated russian NLS by Aleksandr Proklov (pro)
- Bugfix: Set default browser dir in rc file. (thanks to greengeek)
- Bugfix: Gettext in right-click menu in sourcelist. (thanks to pro)
- Bugfix: Right-click menu: Add track to play as next playing track corrupts playlist.

15.Jan 2015
- Show builtin file browser by default (thanks to greengeek)
- Bugfix: Loop playqueue.
- Bugfix: Rename file in sourcelist via right-click menu.
- Bugfix: Turn OFF extended trackinfo still uses streamripper info in statusbar.

22.Nov 2014
- Simplify some code in func_trackinfo.
- Bugfix: Start pMusic by click on file in filebrowser (thanks to greengeek)
- Bugfix: Remove quest-icon in main gui if choose to skip 'update DB' msg.

19.Nov 2014
- Snappier play-command
- Bugfix: Trackinfo search grabbed focus of add/play-module.
- Bugfix: info when playing CD-audio.
- Bugfix: Fetch-buttons in id3tagger does not work.

18.Nov 2014
- Do not update db if nothing changed. (Resourse hunger): - Smartadd - Reduce cpu-load when reading trackinfo for new playing track.
- Avoid grep locked db (flock) if string is written back to db. - Will corrupt db.
- Bugfix: Rox globicons file corrupted by pMusic. (thanks to greengeek)
- Bugfix: Download album art from albumart.org

29.Oct 2014
- Bugfix: Moving slider could give playback error and corrupt db.
- Bugfix: Show generic albumart if albumtag is missing and no connection to internet.

9.Oct 2014
- Bugfix: Delete track from the 'Database mismatch' dialog should not add the file to playqueue.
- Bugfix: Press play-button after played playqueue corrupts queue.
- Bugfix: Pless play-button after first stopped playing from menu.

7.Sep 2014
- Bugfix: Trackinfo: Albumlist: Doubleclick to add track to playqueue.
- Bugfix: Add searched albumart to playqueue via right-click menu when Capitals differs from jpg to pmu.
- Bugfix: Trackinfo does quick indexing even if user choose to skip this in main gui.

4.Sep 2014
- Optional installation of new music files to DB (to nooby - rip). - Improved packaging. - Update radio/webmusic indexes.
- Bugfix: installing a more recent radio/webmusic index doesn't overwrite the existing.
- Bugfix: New adress to jamendo db-dump file. pMusic fails to 'manually' build index file.

18.Aug 2014
Bugfix: Rip audio-CD that contains quotes in meta-info. (thanks to charlie6)

7.Jul 2014
- Bugfix: Trackinfo: Allow others than 'jpg' as extension for albumart.
- Bugfix: Albumart-search: test if mid-click can offer a actual view of artwork before open new window.

29.Jun 2014
- Bugfix: Playqueue corrupts if editing metatags of playing track and then moving slider.
- Bugfix: Playqueue corrupts if renaming playing track and moving slider or go to next track in list.
- Bugfix: Trackinfo: Albumart: Do not use '&' in searchstring for albumart.org
- Bugfix: Trackinfo: Search alternatives: search missed unique pid, and could give conflict in running several instances.

22.Jun 2014
- Bugfix: *.pmd files shows up in both favorite lists and tracks after search.
- Bugfix: Add files inside folder doesn't keep sort order (thanks to dangfoo).

13.Jun 2014
- Albumart.org has changed their search string. Now fixed.
- Add tooltip to smartadd - how many tracks should be added.
- My music index editor: - Bugfix: Favorites: Remove duplicate albumarts (case insensitive).
- Menuitem 'Export tracks' had wrong tooltip.

29.May 2014
- Bugfix: Trackinfo: Album-list isn't blanked out if missing meta-info.
- Bugfix: Adds timestamp to db (rating) - - Bugfix: Playqueue is deleted after playing track if using playmode 'Stop after this track'.

25.May 2014
- Faster 'New playqueue' - store history as background process.
- Bugfix: Playfix could get corrupted by play-next-function in func_player.
- Bugfix: Trackinfo: Albumlist got corrupted if list missed some tracks (not existing locally).

18.May 2014
- Bugfix: func_config writes wrong value to pmusicrc (thanks to step).
- Bugfix: Check for autostart-plugins to run at boot fails if there are more than one.
- Bugfix: Remove terminal output at first run.
- Bugfix: Searchresult of webmusic (without a installed index) wouldn't add correct to playqueue.
- Bugfix: Show trackinfo of jamendo stream

16.May 2014
- Sourcelist: Right-click menu - Album-art search: Right-click menu: - Define default image editor in preferences.
- Jamendo - Gui - Updated Nad theme.
- Bugfix: Show path in searchfield when start browsing from MyMusic menu.
- Bugfix: 'Recent played' has unusual alignment.
- Bugfix: Add streams and files to playqueue in the same operation.

1.May 2014
- Search Album-art and show result images in main gui. - Masstagger - Trackinfo - CD-audio: support use of libcddb (alternative). - Podcast - Jamendo - Preferences - Gui - Sourcelist - Further optimizing of cpu-usage in func_progressbar.
- Updated radio index.
- Bugfix: Timestamp: Add timestamp without time definition [min:sec] should not be possible.
- Bugfix: Normalize: fails if track is silent first min. Solution: If normalize suggest more than 3 db after detecting the first min, run a full check.
- Bugfix: TopHits: Msg if no internet connection.
- Bugfix: Update interval in rc should also work for sourcelist and playing info in general.
- Bugfix: Playqueue right-click menu: Edit file in audio editor doesn't correct length in db/playqueue.

27.Feb 2014
- 4.2.7 made dirs invisible when browsing :o

27.Feb 2014
- Bugfix: Browse inside hidden directories (thanks to DrSunshine)

21.Feb 2014
- Bugfix: Autoplay CD only if valid audio-CD (thanks to OscarTalks)

20.Feb 2014
- Trackinfo: Albumart: Accept folder.jpg as local image-file.
- Bugfix: Masstagger can't import content of sourcelist if browsing.
- Bugfix: First run fails for CD-audio (thanks to OscarTalks)

25.Jan 2014
- Add songs in dir from rigth-click menu.
- Bugfix: Snouldn't be possible to add separator lines from sourcelist to playlist.

22.Jan 2014
- Bugfix: Poor file-locking could corrupt both db and playlist.

20.Jan 2014
- Bugfix: Add stream via right-click menu in sourcelist. (thanks to sheldonisaac)

20.Jan 2014
- Firstrun - Trackinfo - CD-audio - Sourcelist menu - NLS - Add tracks to playlist - Updated the Sound-filter plugin.
- Include sound-filter plugin into pet
- Simplified svg-code.
- Bugfix: Open save-dialog creates file $HOME/test.

11.Nov 2013
- Trackinfo: - Sourcelist: - Masstagger: - My music: - Add: - Menu-item for 'Clear playqueue' and 'Show/hide docks' didn't use pmusic-spesific icon.
- Func_progressbar is now running with LC_ALL=C (no utf) for speed/resource usage.
- Show icon (audio_url) for radio stations when browsing genre/country.
- Use -m switch for pBurn - go straight to burn-options dialog (pBurn-4.3.0).
- Save playqueue as plain txt file - only path-list.
- 'Show location' in builtin browser if Rox is not present.
- New icon for playlist setup/repair.
- Use pSchedule-icon for button in podcast setup.
- Updated Nad theme (New icon for playlist setup/repair).
- Remove func-file Box_progress - not in use.
- FAQ: Can I get bigger font in the lyrics window?
- Bugfix: Use file-locking when writing to playqueue to prevent collapsing of que.
- Bugfix: Rename source file: if name in playlist is not meta-tags, name-column should be updated too.
- Bugfix: Playqueue corrupts when removing a track from queue when track exists more than once in queue.
- Bugfix: Use progress slider stops the audio playing.

23.Sep 2013
- Play track from right-click menu.
- Bugfix: Delete a file in the builtin browser doesn't update sourcelist.
- Bugfix: Make doubleclicking in playqueue more sensitive.
- Bugfix: Use sleep (bash) instead of usleep (busybox). (thanks to pemasu)
- Bugfix: Delete (right-click-menu) item containing () doesn't update sourcelist.
- Bugfix: Update preset-list when deleting an radio-hits preset.

7.Aug 2013
- Faster build of menu_sourcelist.
- Plugin: show play-engine command and output.
- Adjusted fontsize to fit 96 dpi.
- Removed /usr/local/pmusic/blank.png.
- Added copyright info in about-window.
- Removed some unused variables in pmusicrc.
- Nad5: insensitive checkboxes and adjusted fontsize.
- Bugfix: Top-Hits fails to run twice.
- Bugfix: Exit pMusic properly. (thanks to Billtoo)
- Bugfix: Menu_sourcelist: 'Show location' also for files.

23.Jul 2013
- Run pMusic in a non-Puppy systems. - Masstagger. - Play-engine is opened for sound filters (not realtime). - Indent content of expanded playlist.
- Most played: Move Options from menu to external window.
- Tools menu. - Smartadd. - Remove version-check for ffmpeg when running a dependency check. all ffmpegs should work ok.
- Updated Nad theme: Sliders, tabs, insensitive buttons.
- Updated FAQ.
- Bugfix: dependency check: Yellow [MISSING] didn't show on white background. Changed to blue.
- Bugfix: Splash dialog shows wrong version of pMusic.

12.Jun 2013
- Improved and fixed Tray app plugin. (thanks to 01micko)
- Updated Nad5.
- Removed terminal outputs on first run. (if not using the --debug attribute).
- Bugfix: Playback of cd-audio. (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: Trackinfo/albumart doesn't update if track misses meta tags. (Thanks to R-S-H)
- Bugfix: Flip icon icon_source_manual.svg

8.Jun 2013
- Bump dependencies to gtkdialog-svn_512
- Sourcelist. - Favorites - New module. - Moved from single-click to double-click for main actions.
- MyMusic DB - Repair playlist / rebuild album. - Radio-Hits - Browsing. - Search. - Playque. - Rating. - Smartadd. - Dialog 'Db mismatch...' - Webmusic - Trackinfo. - Playmode has got its own menu.
- All builtin grapichs are now svg.
- Improved CD-audio detection.
- Updated FAQ. - Updated NAD theme.
- Updated Manager frontend with more accurate placement of volume slider.
- Removed function file box_progress - not in use.
- Removed frame around now-playing svg in main gui.
- Updated info in about dialog.
- Top Hits plugin. - Bugfix: Add playlist externally: show filename default in save-dialog.
- Bugfix: Open pmu from Rox - play/pause icon fails.
- Bugfix: import m3u list: Use current path if path is invalid
- Bugfix: Add m3u that contains link to non-existing file.
- Bugfix: Statusbar too narrow in Puppy Raring. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Build DB with meta-tags if no mymusic db file doesn't already exist.
- Bugfix: Quick update of DB when adding tracks via a playlist file.
- Bugfix: missing gettext info in pmusic_cd. (thanks to robwoj44)
- Bugfix: open pMusic with all tracks in dir with command 'pmusic /dir' doesn't work (thanks to PaulR)
- Bugfix: About: Link to gtkdialog kept graphical theme of pMusic.

18.Mar 2013
- Option (menuitem) to repair broken playlist.
- MyMusic database. - Search. - Trackinfo. - Plugins now available directly from menu.
- Track menu is now 'Playback'. - Splash screen. - Save playlist: Error msg if not defined save-file.
- Change default playmode from loop to straight (no loop).
- Podcasts. - Bookmarks - simplified and improved. - Recent played: Show (www) and (CD) separate column.
- RadioHits - Overview: Most played bottom line is now ...more to show complete list.
- Clean up terminal outputs at first run.
- Add m3u/pmu now also give the option to fix db if file does not exist (only exist in db).
- Add *.pmu to Rox mime db.
- Remove pMusic-raster-icon from pet - jwm 2.2 supports svg.
- Midi support. - Webmusic. - Bugfix: Give pMusic executable an icon in Rox.
- Bugfix: Do not autoselect text on yes/no boxes.
- Bugfix: Play-icon doesn't show in playlist if playing track contains $ in name.
- Bugfix: Go forward/back in playlist history didn't clear name of active playlist.
- Bugfix: Fallback to english FAQ if local FAQ does not exist.
- Bugfix: 'pmusic /path/' (cli) failed to play content of directory.
- Bugfix: pMusic is very slow at startup if sourcelist is huge.
- Bugfix: Move progress slider several times gives playback error.

28.Feb 2013
- Bugfix: Read correct balance values. (thanks to SFR)
- Bugfix: Read current volume/balance values before opening external mixer window.

28.Feb 2013
- Bugfix: CD-player gui

20.Feb 2013
- Bugfix: Balance slider. (thanks to 666philb)
- Bugfix: Several similar msg about mono-channel pops up when moving slider. (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: Search fails if include ' in searchstring.
- Bugfix: Remove debugging gxmessage when deleting RadioHits preset.
- Bugfix: Jump_to_time stops progress bar.
- Bugfix: Searching for radio-stations, country-info is pointed to a too narrow tab.
- Bugfix: Clear active playlist when choosing 'New Playlist'.
- Bugfix: Graphical theme fails showing svg-header with ONLY_THIS_GTKTHEME=false in themerc.

17.Feb 2013
- Basic support of libav (ffmpeg is still recommended)
- New mixer/eq window. - Album art. - Trackinfo: Improve detection of correct album tag.
- Preferences: Tooltip for sound card chooser adds info about bypassing eq.
- Updated LowPowered / Wings frontends.
- Remove Title - Artist info in window heading when stop playing
- Remove option to search while typing. pMusic has grown beyond this.
- Bugfix: Menu>Music sources>Radio-Hits lists each directories even if they are equal.
- Bugfix: tooltip-text for navigation buttons.
- Bugfix: Menu>Music Sources>Browse did not work

15.Feb 2013
- Bugfix: Grab albumart from amazon.com
- Bugfix: Right-click menu gets wrong placement if reaching screen-right.

12.Feb 2013
- Bugfix: OK-box won't show if containing extended text-string.

8.Feb 2013
- Bugfix: Play next track in playlist fails if metainfo (artist/title) is changed for playing track.
- Bugfix: Kill pid of streamripper when deleting a radio-hits preset.
- Bugfix: Main icon doesn't look good on greyish backgrounds.
- Bugfix: Improve file locking (flock) code.

3.Feb 2013
- Bugfix: Using flock (file locking) to avoid mymusic db corruption during update.

30.Jan 2013
- Option to fix database if trying to add a not-found file.
- Opened support of midi playback for *.kar files.
- Possible to add additional widgets inside the svg-heading. - Text in Ok-box and Yes/No-box is set selectable.
- Bugfix: Plugin: Reopen correct CD-audio gui if backgrounded with trayapp. (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: Play midi works only if another track is already in playlist. (thanks to charlie6)
- Bugfix: No play-icon if playing filename contains `.
- Bugfix: Splashbox shows still 2012.
- Bugfix: Wrong albumart height in CD-audio frontend.
- Bugfix: Lyrics text field doesn't take color setting in gtkrc.

19.Jan 2013
- Bugfix: Title in Now Playing mode (thanks to Billtoo)
- Bugfix: Filename can't contain ] (thanks to bark_bark_bark)

16.Jan 2013
- Updated dependencies - Export - Add to playlist - Overview -> Most played -> now set to last 30 days instead of 60 (variable RATING_PERIODE in rc).
- Searchresult shows rating of all times instead of using variable RATING_PERIODE in rc.
- Podcast - New playmode: None - stop after playing song.
- Improved tooltips for playmode and addmode.
- Trackinfo - Rewritten Radiohits grabber. - Gtkdialog - Use bash as the interpreter for all scripts.
- Save (playlist) - Set 'all time' as default time-periode in most-played dialog.
- Update length-description in db after use of $AUDIO_EDITOR (MhWaveEdit).
- Masstagger - Plugins - Updated About information.
- Nad4: link to new addmode-icon.
- Bugfix: Make /tmp/ dir during install sticky. (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: Moving progress slider halts playing. - Improved, but still not perfect.
- Bugfix: Click on playing track in playlists (replay) hides the play-icon.

25.Dec 2012
- Bugfix: Detection of installed pMusic older than version 3.0.0 (thanks to L18L)

12.Dec 2012
- Remove locales file
- Bugfix: Burn content of playlist (Playlist-menu).

1.Dec 2012
- Bugfix: pMusic closes if gui troubles with utf-8 content

29.Nov 2012
- Bugfix: Detection of gtkdialog executable.

27.Nov 2012
- Add message to terminal if frontend fails to run.
- Bugfix: Allow gtkdialog executable to be a link rather than a file. Thanks to (Dromeno)
- Bugfix: Stop autoplayed music if frontend fails to run.

25.Nov 2012
- Bugfix: Add track to playlist after search in external pfilesearch-window.
- Bugfix: Prefer executable gtkdialog5 over gtkdialog. (thanks to Dromeno)

24.Nov 2012
- Avoid masstagger to steal focus while working.
- Bugfix: Remove lines with << to get momanager build pot files. (thanks to rodin.s)
- Bugfix: Masstagger stops if non-existing track exist in playlist.
- Bugfix: Name of multiple playlists corrupts at first run. (thanks to charlie6)
- Bugfix: Detect all translations available in preferences. (thanks to L18L)
- Bugfix: Set gettext variable TEXTDOMAIN in func_trackinfo (thanks to rodin.s)
- Bugfix: Play-icon in playlist don't move to playing track when shuffle is activated.

16.Nov 2012
- Bump dependency to gtkdialog-0.8.2. (thanks to thunor)
- New dynamic index structure for local music (MyMusic). - Gui enhancements. (thanks to thunor). - More simplified usage. - Preferences. - Save Music-Source navigation history. - Playlist - Collections. - New rating (most played) engine (thanks to jamesbond and L18L) - Option to set data storage (outside of pup_save). (thanks to mikeslr)
- Save dialog - Trackinfo - Search - Cpu-usage is reduced. - Plugins - Radio-Hits - Webmusic - Bookmarks - Masstagger - Mixer - NLS - Install - Frontends - Nad4 - Updated FAQ. Some quests are no longer relevant.
- Updated Radio stations index.
- Podcasts: download dir is removed and is instead the same as data storage dir.
- Add All/Random is squeezed to one function and moved to dock.
- New simpler pMusic icon in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/pmusic.svg.
- Moved raster-icons from /usr/local/pmusic to /usr/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/apps/pmusic.png
- Bugfix: svg-color codes in rc.
- Bugfix: Pmusic kills other apps using ffmpeg (ffconvert) when exit. (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: NowPlaying never returns to main gui.
- Bugfix: Use browser defined in preferences for showing faq and trackinfo URLs.
- Bugfix: Radio Station index builder won't run in background when started from Overview.
- Bugfix: Add URL with timestamp.
- Bugfix: No message if .m3u file does not exist.
- Bugfix: Quit pMusic from signal: quit (-s quit) as in tray-app.
- Bugfix: When checking web connection, limit test to only 1 sec.
- Bugfix: Exit reading of track info if file doen't exist.
- Bugfix: Some terminal output.
- Bugfix: No icon in playlist if doubleclick to start track.
- Bugfix: Accurate skip forward/back in playlist if similar tracks in list.
- Bugfix: Adding track from audio-CD gave an leading space to length-description in playlist.
- Bugfix: Use set search-path when calling up pFilesearch external window.
- Bugfix: pEqualizer doesn't take effect until you load Wings and restart.
- Bugfix: Autoplay audio-CD when opening .CD frontend.
- Bugfix: Play next song in playlist if it is the same song.
- Bugfix: If playlist item isn't valid, go to next.
- Bugfix: Remove not valid item from playlist by mid-click or right-click menu.
- Bugfix: Change Play/Pause icon when Stop playing.
- Bugfix: Dependency check 'pmusic -D' troubles with ffmpeg-0.11.x (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: Start playing Track when choose 'PLay Audio CD' from File menu.
- Bugfix: Update playlist after started pMusic from terminal with a defined file/url.
- Bugfix: Check ftp-server (meownplanet) instead of $PING_SERVER for radio/webmusic.

29.Oct 2012
- Bugfix: Open pMusic by clicking on file in filebrowser. (thanks to JamesC and BarryK)

19.Sept 2012
- Slight modif. to pinstall.sh (thanks to BarryK)
- Bugfix: Musicbrainz.org changed detection of album-id 17. Sept.
- Bugfix: Lyrics detection from www.

10.Aug 2012
- Make headers in search-result link to setup, like in 'overview'
- Show audio-format in bitrate-column in Music-Source field.
- Bugfix: Radiohits: When choosing an predefined preset, check if 'download dir' is saved (new fix).
- Bugfix: index .album files makes new files if capitals differ in tags.

27.Jul 2012
- Bugfix: There is 2 LOC2913 (thanks to esmourguit)
- Bugfix: Minor alignment in pmusic --help
- Bugfix: Radiohits: When choosing an predefined preset, check if 'download dir' is saved.
- NLS: Added: LOC2914
- NLS: Changed: LOC302, 617

24.Jun 2012
- Add 'Stop' to Track-menu. (thanks to OscarTalks)
- NLS: Added: $LOC_STOP
- Bugfix: Bad syntax when bookmark a track with timestamp. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Some terminal output.
- Bugfix: Trackinfo: Alternative metainfo: Doubleclick in <tree> widget to activate new tags.
- Bugfix: Imroved pinstall.sh. (thanks to 01micko)

2.Jun 2012
- Imrove detection of Audio-CD (thanks to shinobar)
- Support other users than root in pinstall script. (thanks to BarryK)
- Clear Pmusic_xml file (gtkdialog-code) if gtkdialog fails to show gui. (thanks to shinobar)
- Remove old NLS standard.
- Move native language file to /usr/local/pmusic (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: Add Pmusic to Rox globicons and 'OpenWith' menu during install. (thanks to BarryK)
- Bugfix: using -c switch at first run (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: Pmusic_CD saves playlist content for next run of ordinary Pmusic. (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: Pmusic_CD (at first run only) corrupts xml-file for ordinary Pmusic. (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: Theme GTK: Highlightning of playlist didn't follow the global gtk-theme.

20.May 2012
- 'Gtk' is updated and set to default theme.
- Bugfix: Skip tracknr in ripped-CD-name if 'Add numering' is true. (thanks to Flash)
- Bugfix: Update albumart/nowplaying if missing meta info.
- Bugfix: Trackinfo: After saving tags, other trackinfo disappears.

8.May 2012
- Export - My Music - If source for some reason won't play, skip to next track in playlist after 5 sec error message.
- Svg-logo. /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/pmusic
- Show name of playing song big and clear (svg). Statusbar now shows full path.
- Pmusic header in external windows.
- Themes - Delete-button in trackinfo tag-entries.
- Reorganized Manager frontend.
- New menuitem 'Quit and save geometry'.
- Show new tracks in playlist WHILE importing m3u ('Add all' / 'Add random').
- Move locales to /usr/share/locale/. Still supporting old model.
- Show Pmusic-logo when not detected albumart in trackinfo window.
- Show logo in splash-box.
- Search-option-box via search-field now uses gtkrc_splash for better framing.
- Move 22x22 icon to /usr/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/apps/pmusic.png.
- Remove $HOME/.pmusic/tmp directory at version upgrade.
- Add Pmusic to Rox globicons during install. - Works also as icon on the desktop.
- Hotkey ctrl+o for show overview in source-list.
- WebMusic - New parameter '--reset'. Start Pmusic like a fresh install, but keep personal settings.
- Generated_playlists are moved to $HOME/.pmusic/.
- Updated radiostation-index.
- New About-dialog
- New icon for 'about' (in menu).
- Bugfix: 'Please wait' in progress-splash-box was hardcoded to english.
- Bugfix: Playlist length shows 00:00 at first run.
- Bugfix: Trackinfo-button in LowPowered frontend missed tooltip-text.
- Bugfix: Run Trackinfo window as background process in LowPowered frontend.
- Bugfix: Scaling Preferences window.
- Bugfix: Quit from menu doesn't stop music.
- Bugfix: Rating gets deleted if reaching min/max.
- NLS: Added: LOC_PLEASEWAIT, LOC_STREAM, 109, 114, 174, 251, 2913, 719, 726
- NLS: Changed: LOC116, 288, 2912, 490, 495, 631, 708, 903
- NLS: Removed: LOC289, 290, 670, 671, 720
- FAQ: How can I control Pmusic by hotkeys?

1.Apr 2012
- Albumart/lyrics - New builtin command in masstagger: CLEAR
- Updated FAQ.
- New icon for larger resolution.
- Updated credits in the about window.
- Moved Refresh-button in trackinfo from tab to main widget.
- Bugfix: Lyrics from lyricwiki.org missed last line (thanks to robwoj44)
- Bugfix: At firstrun using ie 'pmusic --version', it plays "Hoovers" hidden. (thanks to linuxcbon)
- Bugfix: window-icon in alternative-meta-info heading.
- Bugfix: Do not use local lyrics/albumart if not activated in preferences.
- Bugfix: Lyricwiki.org fails when offering translated lyrics in separate coloumn.
- Bugfix: Terminal error when playing url and radio-index is missing. (thanks to sheldonisaac)
- Bugfix: If language is set to auto, keep it auto. This is required if user installs langpack.
- Bugfix: Terminal output.
- NLS: Added: LOC_REFRESH, ALBUMART, 850, 851
- NLS: Changed: LOC258, 666, 680, 901
- NLS: Removed: LOC681, 682, 691, 692

25.Mar 2012
- Playmode is set to no-loop by default (thanks to FeodorF)
- Bugfix: Improved CD-audio detection (thanks to Brown Mouse)

21.Mar 2012
- Updated masstagger. - Updated radio/webmusic-index.
- Bugfix: COUNT-variable in masstagger fails when acts on sourcelist (thanks to Flash)
- Bugfix: Trackinfo when playing audio-CD (thanks to Brown Mouse)
- Bugfix: Track-tag failed if the word 'track' was in other tags.
- NLS: Added: LOC254, 257
- NLS: Changed LOC631
- NLS: Removed: LOC251, 259

16.Mar 2012
- New engine for meta information - Support both rxvt to xterm for better compatibility (dependency check).
- Improved detection of bitrate in sourcelist.
- Message when updating podcasts and no internet connection.
- Indexing MyMusic imidiately activates seaching for MyMusic as well.
- Bugfix: Close static trackinfo window after save/clear -> window can't rerender.
- Bugfix: Show id3-genre in music-source list if not in index (-browse_id3).
- Bugfix: Index local files: Build playlists based on id3 album tag.
- Bugfix: Show artist/title when loading audio-CD. (thanks to bigpup)
- Bugfix: Close splash when export is finished.
- Bugfix: Export failed to copy file without converting.
- Bugfix: Builtin filebrowser didn't show files if autoloading of metatags was set off.
- NLS: Added: LOC_NR
- NLS: Removed: LOC258

19.Feb 2012
- Bugfix: Reaching trackinfo (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: Some terminal output

17.Feb 2012
- Bigger text and inverted colors for lyrics. Defined in theme.
- Skip path for radiohits templates in 'Music-source overview'
- Bugfix: Improved amazon.com albumart detection.

9.Feb 2012
- Bugfix: Deactivate equalizer when switching from Wing frontend to another. (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: Settings for local storage of lyrics/album art are set to false in Wings frontend.
- Bugfix: Playicon in playlist doesn't show if trackname contains [ or ].
- Bugfix: Export progress dialog closes if opening export window while exporting - no way to cancel.
- Bugfix: Clear trackinfo from last track when starting radio-stream.
- Bugfix: Read equalizer values when starting Wings frontend.
- Bugfix: Move progress-slider starts new trackinfo check.
- Bugfix: Do not show default album-art (info-icon) if new artwork is stored locally.
- Bugfix: Jump to time in a jamendo track leads to error msg
- NLS: Changed: LOC648

6.Feb 2012
- Bugfix: Correct saving of album art to defined local storage.
- Bugfix: If start writing in tag-entry - stop trackinfo searching (avoid refresh of entry widget)
- Bugfix: Read speaker level at startup fails if more channels contains the same name.
- Bugfix: Terminal output at startup. (thanks to )
- Bugfix: Webmusic top100: Splash won't hide if no internet connection.
- Bugfix: Lyrics saves another copy if capitals changes in meta-tags.
- Bugfix: Detection of lyrics was case sensitive.

1.Feb 2012
- Save/load lyrics and album art to local storage (optional).
- Trackinfo
- freecover.com has been down for too long.
- Offers larger images.
- Albumart.org is still the second choice if amazon.com fails.
- Rewritten code to update gui on external calls - not user interactions. - Cleanup in running PIDs.
- Much faster startup (not at first run when initializing new frontend). - Improve the albumart grabber from albumart.org to download a bigger image
- Settings in rc-file does not need to be in preferences window only. - Bold text in statusbar. (By updating the default theme).
- Classic frontend is removed.
- Reorganized the bookmark manager window.
- Hot-key (ctrl+J) for 'jump to time'. Handy in LowPowered mode wih no slider.
- Added a blank.png for misc use. - Added 'diff' to dependency check.
- New parameter -T to overwrite defined theme.
- First run info. - Use pmusic icon as window-icon. (thanks to Geoffrey)
- Bugfix: Some terminal output.
- Bugfix: Preferences denied showing up if no audio-editor or browser app was set.
- Bugfix: Switch back to theme-albumart if connection to web fails.
- Bugfix: Play-icon in playlist doesn't show when first track autostarts.
- Bugfix: Get rid of empty lines in the RadioHits menu / Overview.
- Bugfix: Bookmark sourcelist gives blank bookmark-fields by default.
- Bugfix: Pmusic failed to startup if a playlist name was cleared.
- Bugfix: Hoovers at first run only if connected to internet. (thanks to linuxcbon)
- Bugfix: Icon in ok-box heading <window>.
- Bugfix: Eject CD-audio disc while playing didn't stop aplay.
- Bugfix: Pmusic froze when loading CD, and cdda2wav -cdd1=1 troubles with connecting to internet db.
- Bugfix: Dependency check fails for ffmpeg when compiled from git. (thanks to pemasu)
- Bugfix: Unstable gtk troubled in Manager to select sliders because of hidden <timer> height=1.
- Bugfix: Change frontend from menu at first run.
- NLS: Added: LOC_LOADING, SAVE, 208, 672, 673, 674, 900, 901, 902, 903
- NLS: Changed: LOC648, 649, 650, 659, 680, 681, 682, 691, 692, 761, 810, 843
- NLS: Removed: LOC131, 653, 665

26.Dec 2011
- Support of streamripper (optional).
- Store tracks on local disc.
- Fully integarted with Pmusic infrastructure.
- Includes tested presets to build music-DB of chosen genre.
- Switch to Mananger as default frontend.
- Rewritten 'Search-filter selector' in the main window.
- Improved radio-station-db to include about 11000 stations.
- New Radio frontend.
- New Manager_LowPowered frontend for older systems.
- Edit audio-stream (right-click menu) and store meta-info.
- Added support of *.mpc files. (thanks to playdayz)
- Allow only one playing track (stop previous) using -B switch.
- Allow artwork in Manager to be wider than square.
- Moved all menuitems for setting up music sources from File to Music-Sources.
- Show active frontend in View-menu.
- Reorganized preferences window.
- Export: Option to build playlist of exported tracks.
- Export gui has got a minor cleanup.
- Added streamripper (split radio into tracks) option to export.
- Number of multiple playlists are increased to 9.
- 'Search while typing' as option in preferences (default off).
- Option to set external programs in preferences.
- Search Webmusic is off by default - no index gives slower search. Turned on when index is installed.
- Youtube as possible new WebMusic source (requires the movgrab executable). No export support.
- A bit darker button-icons in the default theme.
- Click 'Rating' / 'Recent' in overview now shows dbs.
- Updated Webmusic (jamendo) index.
- Bugfix: Show levels for vol/bal at startup when not using Classic frontend.
- Bugfix: Don't show open-menuitem when not running Classic frontend.
- Bugfix: Don't show cursor in info-fields in the track-info window.
- Bugfix: Do not allow more than one detected langauge. (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: Remove track from playlist via right-click menu
- Bugfix: Search with pfilesearch (even if off) if no indexes is built.
- Bugfix: track info spins too long for some radio URLs.
- Bugfix: Reading ID3 info containg ':'
- Bugfix: Searching jamendo.com (no index file) froze Pmusic if no connection.
- Bugfix: Close Radio-index window after finished building new db.
- Bugfix: Play icon in playlist don't show if song is twice in list.
- Bugfix: Show streaminfo for radio-stations that contains non-english chars.
- NLS: Added: LOC_AUDIOEDITOR, EXPORT, MOREINFO, PRESET, SETUP, WEBBROWSER, 139, 229, 263, 287, 288, 2911, 2912, 2913, 751, 752, 753, 760, 761, 762, 763, 764, 770, 771, 810, 846, 849
- NLS: Changed: LOC222, 267, 290, 292, 298, 490, 631, 636, 725
- NLS: Removed: LOC104, 106, 107, 109, 1010, 114, 263, 494

16.Nov 2011
- NowPlaying preset (thanks to DaveS).
- Presets are available from View-menu.
- Save playlist: Show only m3u-files in filechooser dialog.
- Save playlist: Go to correct dir in filechooser dialog.
- Show filesize in Track-info - Stream tab.
- Set rating via right-click-menu
- Remove shortcuts to rating/recent (in preferences) in Overview.
- pmusic --dump-gtk
- Pmusic -D in Menu->Help->Dependency check.
- Bumped requested pfilesearch to latest 1.28
- Removed mass-tagging option in Track-info dialog.
- Bugfix: Add playlist with non-existing files and no length-definition.
- Bugfix: Choose file in save-dialog.
- Bugfix: The WebMusic menu grows (doubles all items) when swithing Preset.
- Bugfix: Track-info dialog: Keep the word 'Genre' at right when scaling the window.
- Bugfix: Deactivate CD-menuitem in Music-source menu if no device is present.
- Bugfix: Importing stream from Streamtuner shows meta-header as a unique track.
- Bugfix: Wary: Classic preset: search filter needs more space.
- NLS: Added: LOC_SIZE, 180, 181, 195
- NLS: Removed: LOC658

3.Nov 2011
- Bugfix: Index music from a symlink dir (thanks to DaveS)
- Bugfix: Index with meta-tags doesn't work (thanks to DaveS)
- Bugfix: terminal output shows detected browser at startup (thanks to broomdodger)
- Bugfix: Track-info goes to albumart tab if no internet connection.
- Bugfix: Album art doesn't update when no internet connection.
- Bugfix: The playlist are not saved when starting pmusic_CD and Pmusic is open.

30.Oct 2011
- Full integration of Jamendo.com via the webmusic module. - Improved search. - Radio - Bookmarks-dialog should now be less awkward. - 'Rating' has replaced 'Most played'. - Optimized the add function for faster adding to playlist.
- Faster lyrics detection. Lyricwiki.org performs best and is default.
- 'Index' has been renamed to 'My Music'
- Faster detection of BROWSER at startup.
- Preferences button in CD preset - show only playback tab. (thanks to playdayz)
- Rewritten Mananger preset.
- Updated Classic and Wings preset.
- Option: Load meta-tags for the first X number of tracks in sourcelist (default is 50).
- Removed buttons to clear history of recent/rating index. It is still editable.
- Bugfix: 'Add all' / 'Add random' still uses 59:59 for streams.
- Bugfix: Remove headings and empty lines in sourcelist when sort.
- Bugfix: Don't use resources to try reading meta info of collections and streams after search.
- Bugfix: Remove temporary files when Pmusic quits.
- Bugfix: Pmusic -D doesn't detect gtkdialog-0.8 correct. (thanks to broomdodger)
- Bugfix: Use m3u length for http-streams if defined.
- Bugfix: Show no result if search for empty string (blank searchfield).
- Bugfix: Save m3u (without paths) containg URLs.
- Bugfix: button to select default browser dir in preferences.
- Bugfix: Multiple playtlists doesn't save correct (thanks to broomdodger)
- Bugfix: Pref button in podcast manager.
- Bugfix: mass-tagging: setting Genre doesn't work.
- NLS: Added: LOC_ADVANCED, APPLY, BROWSE, COUNTRY, INSTALL, SEARCH, 228, 495, 635, 636, 637, 811, 812, 845
- NLS: Changed: LOC104, 223, 226, 237, 238, 301, 318, 406, 407, 490, 491, 493, 630, 631
- NLS: Removed: LOC269, 276, 463, 809, 810

13.Oct 2011
- Bugfix: Play audiofiles shorter than 2 sec.

5.Oct 2011
- Bugfix: Show correct length-syntax for CD-audio tracks over 10 mins. (thanks to playdayz)
- Bugfix: CD-audio only: Comma in album-name wouldn't show lyrics or album info in track-info window. (thanks to playdayz)

5.Oct 2011
- New pic in Default theme for radio-stream.
- Decreased spacing in right-click menu.
- Minor improvements in Classic preset.
- Show genre-list for metatags alhabetically.
- Show name of file in Export progress.
- Simplified the setup of preferred souncard. (thanks to playdayz)
- Rempoved the BOUND_ALSA option.
- Moved settings from 'General' to 'Playback. in preferences.
- Do not stop playing when starting Burn process.
- NLS: Changed: LOC802
- NLS: Removed: LOC809, 810

1.Oct 2011
- Faster startup (thanks to thunor)
- Removed splash at startup for Wings/Manager presets.
- Reworked CD-player preset.
- Improved progress during export (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Choose folder in export-window. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Read-cd-button in CD-player preset.
- Bugfix: Don't stop music when entering export-window from CD-player preset.
- Bugfix: Calculate Playlist length when play CD from File menu.

28.Sept 2011
- Further shrinking of Default theme.
- Unique icon instead of album_art when playing radio stream.
- Bugfix: Play CD-audio from File-menu. (thanks to don570)

25.Sept 2011
- Bugfix: Wings preset failed if pequalizer missed. (thanks to pemasu)

24.Sept 2011
- Bugfix: Ensure <progresssbar> is smaller than gui to avoid window-size-bump.

24.Sept 2011
- Radio streams do not show any length in playlist.
- Radio streams progress time shows in statusbar.
- Refined output in statusbar.
- Moved Metaload progressbar to bottom of Music source window (Classic mode).
- Bugfix: Add track after playing track.
- Bugfix: Do not include radio streams in playlist length calculation.
- Bugfix: No pause when dragging progress-slider for playing radio stream.
- Bugfix: Remove option to run without theme.
- Bugfix: Sort files after loaded metainfo in filebrowser.
- Bugfix: Metaload progressbar position conflicts with table widget.
- NLS: Removed: LOC277

22.Sept 2011
- Bugfix: Bookmarking
- Bugfix: Export

21.Sept 2011
- Mark playing track in playlist
- Statusbar with playist / track information
- Removed menuitem 'Playlist length'. Now in statusbar.
- Removed menuitem 'Show remaining time'. Now in statusbar.
- New gui presets.
- Managing of loop/shuffle is managed by 1 button instead of 2 togglebuttons.
- Managing of add-mode is managed by 1 button instead of 2 radiobuttons.
- Removed Stop-button.
- Shrinked default theme.
- No spacing between navigation buttons.
- Facelift in About window.
- Removed Vertical preset.
- Updated Theme specification to include icons for add-modes and no-loop.
- Reduced cpu-usage for loading meta-information in music-source window. Increased sleep value in <progressbar>.
- Less ambitious sorting after loading metainfo. Now sort by Title.
- Bugfix: play/pause icon when start track by moving slider.
- Bugfix: Message (searching for Track nr) in trackinfo window remains if previous removed by a space.
- Bugfix: Mass tagging failed on some systems (Slacko)
- Bugfix: Show full trackinfo window at first run (with no active track defined).
- NLS: Added: LOC413, 414
- NLS: Removed LOC158, 159, 228, 229, 407, 408, 520

12.Sept 2011
- Message when downloading FAQ from web.
- Hotkey (F1) for help.
- Minor updates in FAQ.
- Bugfix: Deactivate equalizer when Pmusic quits. (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: Press play button - Icon doesn't change to pause.
- NLS: Added LOC527

2.Sept 2011
- Icons in menu for play/stop/next/previous.
- Replaced togglebuttons for loop/shuffle in .CD preset.
- Removed the dialog 'soundcard is not available' - info in progressbar.
- Bugfix: Ensure to use stock-icons. (thanks to thunor)
- Bugfix: Open m3u when item doesn't exist.
- Bugfix: Add after playing failed in many occasions.
- Bugfix: Dialog shows up if user 'works' too much with the progress progress.
- NLS: Changed: LOC205, 810
- NLS: Removed: LOC206

26.Aug 2011
- Backend dependencies is bumped to ffmpeg-0.8 and gktdialog-0.7.21
- Full support of the m3u playlist format. (Extended info - save/load)
- Jump in track-time by moving progressbar/slider. (thanks to thunor for his work with gtkdialog)
- Equalizer supported via alsaequal/pEqualizer. (thanks to 01micko)
- Album art: - Radio: - Mixer: - Hotkeys - see menus for key combinations.
- Graphical themes: - Search function now split result into groups.
- Reorganized track-info window.
- Play-button toggles play/pause icon if present in theme.
- Playlist(s): - Gui presets are updated: - Sort: - Debugging (--debug) is initialized
- Loop/Shuffle option is change from checkboxes to toggleboxes. (thanks to thunor for his work with gtkdialog)
- Disable CD-related widgets if device not present.
- Preferences: Use metainfo (from m3u) in playlist.
- Don't show splashes in window manager taskbar.
- Improved detection of dependencies (pmusic -D)
- FAQ: - Message in source window if no podcasts are downloaded.
- Searching: Don't show index-window if index is not built. WebMusic/Radio can still be a searchresult.
- Window menu is removed, so alternative presets are only reachable from preferences.
- Cancel conversion (export). (thanks to don570)
- Get rid of some terminal output
- Under the hood: - Bugfix: Do not show splash if playlist only contains 1 entry.
- Bugfix: Don't expand radio-dialog when start buildning db.
- Bugfix: searching for alternative musicbrainz tags worked only once.
- Bugfix: Show correct message when reading audio-CD (thanks to don570).
- Bugfix: m3u including 'carriage return' wouldn't open correct.
- Bugfix: Avoid theme in func_export/func_trackinfo if so is defined in themerc.
- Bugfix: Search for track in indexed collection - Trackinfo window.
- Bugfix: Track-menu in Wings mode.
- Bugfix: id3 detection in source window used time to scan radio-stations.
- Bugfix: core-utils/sed/awk in pmusic -D.
- Bugfix: Online FAQ.
- Bugfix: Make external calls read progressbar percent (like pwidgets).
- Bugfix: Preogress bar failed to view time containing 08 and 09.
- Bugfix: Tag will be saved in Track info window even if it is a system message. (searching for more info...)
- Bugfix: Message 'Source not detected' showed up a couple of seconds if starting a track from navigation buttons.
- Bugfix: Pmusic-theme was always active in Bookmark/Podcast window.
- Bugfix: 'No connection' message is missing in track info when artist/title is missing.
- Bugfix: Check internet connection before grabbing alternative musicbrainz tags.
- Bugfix: show searchresult correct when it's _partly_ contains id3tags.
- Bugfix: 'Add random' failed in recent bash versions.
- Bugfix: Pmusic filebrowser hide m3u files after loading metatags.
- Bugfix: Using 'next' button after autostarted an audio-CD (-c switch or play_CD menuitem)
- Bugfix: 'Tag all items in list' - tag genre doesn't work.
- NLS: Added: LOC_EQUALIZER, VOLUME, BALANCE, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, 221, 238, 267, 494, 630, 631, 633, 634, 671, 730, 840, 841, 842, 844, 1010
- NLS: Changed: LOC136, 223, 267, 272, 490
- NLS: Removed: LOC147, 148, 156, 157, 180, 200, 201, 234, 254, 267, 274, 278, 402, 403, 430, 431, 432, 433, 434, 804, 805, 806

4.Jun 2011
- Better look for pmusic -h.
- New parameter -D - show dependencies and if they exist.
- New parameter -f - show supported audio formats.
- Bugfix: Track info: Message 'not able to connect to internet' in first tab.
- Bugfix: Fetch playing song for bookmark. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Deactivate Pschedule-button (in podcast manager) if not present.
- Bugfix: Bookmark CD-track. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Message in progressbar when playing cd-track without disc. (thanks to don570)
- NLS: Changed: LOC519

1.Jun 2011
- Message 'No cd inserted' in progressbar.
- Bugfix: Add m3u file to empty playlist

1.Jun 2011
- New parameter: -i info about playing track. See pmusic --help for more info
- Bugfix: No message if internet connection is missing - Redirecting LOC326 to LOC669 (thanks to rodin.s)
- Bugfix: Playing CD-audio: Trackinfo from rightclick menu.
- Bugfix: Improve 'autoplay track' when clicking in Rox.
- Bugfix: Track info: Show stream info if there is no tags available.
- Bugfix: Track info: message if missing artist and title tag.
- Bugfix: Track info: search musicbrainz for alterative tags didn't always show up

27.May 2011
- New ripping module with features you expect to find in a ripper.
- CD-playing without use of temporary storage.
- CD-audio also connects to musicbrainz/lyrics.
- Album art.
- Show progress while copying files in playlist.
- Loading alternative preset (-p switch) will not save given preset or geometry.
- Now playing info is moved to $HOME/.pmusic/nowplaying and $HOME/.pmusic/nowplaying_albumart.jpg.
- New parameter -j - Do not save preset settings (like geometry and playlist).
- Allow Presets to be located other plases than /usr/local/pmusic/preset/.
- Bugfix: 'add all'/'add random' urls and cd-audio.
- Bugfix: Show name (not path) for URL-bookmarks in playlist.
- Bugfix: Navigate to next track when playing CD-audio didn't work.
- Bugfix: Terminal output.
- Bugfix: track 99 shows up in music-source window.
- Bugfix: Show correct audio-information for CD-audio (in track info window).
- Bugfix: Export tracks: add bookmark stops export if bookmark contains spaces in dirname.
- Bugfix: trackinfo: sometimes just quit after selected alternative tags.
- Bugfix: trackinfo: alternative tags: Improved detectetion of correct albums.
- NLS: Added: LOC670, 700, 701, 702, 703, 704, 705, 720, 721, 722, 723, 724, 725

23.May 2011
- Bugfix: musicbrainz db has been updated with new structure.

18.May 2011
- Heavily improved track-info function including meta-tags/lyrics/musicbrainz
- Share alsa device with other programs by default. This can be changed in the preferences.
- Podcast/radio/index handling should now be a bit more logical.
- Move bookmark/radio storage to $HOME/.pmusic/
- Info about probing CD-audio.
- Bugfix: Remove button in 'Wings' mode - Switch to mini-mode. No action.
- Bugfix: Save tag won't keep undefined genre status.
- Bugfix: elyrics filter
- Bugfix: wikilyric filter (thanks to dougal)
- Bugfix: keep search-string in search-field after adding to playlist (only Classic Mode)
- Bugfix: Unknown format could show the box 'Sound device not ready'
- Bugfix: Show content of $HOME in browser at first run.
- Bugfix: Avoid CD to spin up at next song if NOT a cd-audio track
- Bugfix: global tagging with '&' in filename gives FILENAME in tag
- NLS: Added: LOC_LYRICS, _MISC, _FILENAME, _PATH, 318, 493, 617, 650, 651, 652, 653, 654, 655, 656, 657, 658, 659, 660, 661, 662, 663, 664, 665, 666, 667, 668, 669, 708, 709, 809, 810
- NLS: Changed: LOC101, 104, 106, 131, 141, 206, 325, 603, 606
- NLS: Removed: LOC135, 144, 257, 325, 326, 404, 442, 443, 803

28.Apr 2011
- New switch: -P to ensure playing (instead of adding to playlist) of defined file. (thanks to don570)
- Updated 'pmusic -h' info.
- Deactivate 'remove' button in podcast manager until clicking on a pod.
- install roxapp only if not already exist. To avoid multiple right-click options in different languages. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: -r switch.
- Bugfix: spelling of mikesradioworld (thanks to chrome307)
- Bugfix: Navigation in radio categories using Classic mode.

19.Mar 2011
- Bugfix: download lyrics from azlyrics.com (thanks to wow)
- Bugfix: remove/rename bookmark when timestamp is set (thanks to don570)

12.Mar 2011
- Bugfix: Show content of $HOME in source field at first run.
- Bugfix: Pmusic troubles after unstalling NLS. (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: internet connection failed for some (thanks to rodin.s)

3.Mar 2011
- New parameter '-B'. - use Pmusic as a dead simple command-line player.
- Bugfix: detect unknown format. previous detected as soundcard trouble.
- Bugfix: time continues after 'pause'.
- Bugfix: if last track conatins '&' in filename, pmusic always loops to first track.
- Bugfix: Syntax error in $LOC206. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: 'pmusic -b' shows tray-app.
- NLS: Added: LOC207

18.Feb 2011
- Updated FAQ: rip, tags, pods.
- Set focus to search-field at startup.
- Avoid some boxes to be resized by user.
- Bugfix: Browser doesn't show content at first run.
- Bugfix: Detect macrolanguage (fr, en..) when lang contains utf or similar post info.
- Bugfix: LOC600 fails in other presets than Classic. (thanks to don570)

3.Feb 2011
- Improved startup and shutdown of Pmusic when playlists are long.
- Polished overview in source window.
- Set default browser-dir in preferences.
- Bugfix: Update index using meta-tags.
- Bugfix: 'Recent played' in overview failed.
- NLS: Added: LOC808
- NLS: Changed: LOC274

30.Jan 2011
- Preferences: Recent/Most played: Edit manually.
- Menuitem to bookmark playing track / source content.
- Sort by artist also sorts albums in chronologic order.
- Sort by album determines track order.
- After finished id3 loading, Sort by artist.
- Remove-playlist-item by mouse-middle-click setup by default.
- Message-box when 'soundcard is not available' to tell about preferences.
- New bookmark-rename function - external box.
- Bugfix: Trouble with filenames containing 2 spaces '01 - Name.mp3' in playlist. (thanks to _Mark_)
- Bugfix: Remove 'Open' menuitem in Presets with internal browser.
- Bugfix: Music-Source menu missed filebrowser entry.
- Bugfix: NLS for File in Overview
- Bugfix: Message box showed up when adding bookmark.
- Bugfix: Show genre info in sourcelist when tag is given by a number.
- Bugfix: Add track 'after playing' if playing tracknr is larger than 8.
- Bugfix: Remove a bookmark could remove a similar
- Bugfix: Right-click menu in Bookmark manager.
- BUgfix: Play bookmark via right-click menu
- NLS: Added: LOC_RENAME, 142, 206, 240, 807
- NLS: Changed: LOC153, 154, 246, 247, 407, 408

26.Jan 2011
- Podcast manager (thanks to Brad Coulthard - ppg creator)
- Global tagging - edit tags of ALL tracks in playlist and sourcelist (in one operation).
- Removed most of the external apps from Tools menu.
- New parameter: -u to check for new podcasts.
- Activate lyrics search by pressing enter in search field.
- Show more recent/'most played' tracks in overview (star button).
- Removed comments from id3 editor because of id3tag issues (id3v1/v2).
- Press enter in tag-editor activates save-button
- Clear single space of tags before entering editor.
- Changed Add-menu in Classic presetr to 'List'.
- Overview menuitem in Music-source menu (only in Classic mode).
- reorganized some menuitems to get one 'Track' menu instead of 'Play' and 'Tools'
- Bugfix: Bookmark song with timestamp.
- Bugfix: Show localized FAQ. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Some terminal output
- Bugfix: A while-loop kept running after ended Index/radio setup window.
- Bugfix: Play file that doesn't exist gave wrong message.
- Bugfix: Won't add an *.au file to playlist.
- Bugfix: Show warning-icon in some boxes.
- Bugfix: Cleared id3-tags is shown as ' ' instead of using filename.
- Bugfix: Pmusic failed when edit tags of files using several editor-windows at the same time.
- Bugfix: bookmarks with timestamp has the option to 'add to playlist'.
- Bugfix: 'Song info' failed when filename contained '&'.
- Bugfix: Add meta-tag 'genre' with number only.
- NLS: Added: LOC107, 109, 114, 116, 138, 172, 175, 251, 258, 259, 600, 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609, 610, 611, 612, 613, 614, 615, 616, 830, 831
- NLS: Changed: LOC104, 106, 274
- NLS: Removed: LOC146, 149, 1410, 171, 305

16.Jan 2011
- Message if soundcard is not available.
- Do not center 'Song info' window. Place it at mouse position.
- Center yes/no dialog
- Bugfix: Syntax error in 'Requires metatags'
- NLS: Added: LOC205

1.Jan 2011
- 'Rename playlists' is added to menu and overwrites 'Preferences' in right-click menu. (thanks to don570)
- Add retrovol to tool-menu. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: build radio-station-db on Puppy 4.1.1, Pupeee 4.4 ... (thanks to robwoj44)
- Bugfix: Overide LANG variable with langauge setting in the preferences (thanks to charlie6)
- NLS: Added: LOC137

30.Dec 2010
- Sort by bitrate.
- Update FAQ to latest features.
- Bugfix: Show always $HOME in search field at startup.
- Bugfix: Flickering when pressing + button (show source window)
- Bugfix: Open/Add URL(s) from command line.
- Bugfix: Classic: Click star-button->File - no path in search field.
- Bugfix: sort by Album/Track/Year/genre
- Bugfix: Show FAQ with LANG=en_US deleted FAQ file.
- Bugfix: FAQ on web pointed to puppylinux.asia. Moved to meownplanet.net
- Bugfix: Upgrade from older Pmusic than version 1.5.0. (thanks to don570)
- NLS: Changed: LOC106

23.Dec 2010
- Improved stream info in 'Song info'. - Uses ffmpeg instead of id3info.
- Manage multiple playlists from the 'Playlist' menu.
- Store geometry/visibility of Music-sources window in Classic mode.
- Reduced CPU-usage to the half.
- reorganized Music-sources window in Classic mode.
- Bit-rate column in Music sources if activating meta-tags. (thanks to OverDrive)
- Optional mouse middle-click action.
- Updated Manager mode.
- Removed first-run info frame.
- Faster loading/indexing of meta-info
- Slightly faster 'install' at first run.
- Store 'add to tail' / 'add after selection' setting.
- Removed tooltip in playlist.
- New 'Meta-tags' tab in preferences
- 'Add' tab in prefs is renamed to 'Music-sources'
- Moved bookmarking code to its own func file.
- Click on audio-file in ROX - Play if no gui, add to playlist if active gui.
- menuitem 'Find track in Playlist' only acts on indexed playlists - Now better explanation.(thanks to don570)
- Show full path when adding an indexed song.
- Bugfix: improved detection of audio-files. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Disable metatag-fields if id3info is missing.
- Bugfix: 'No internet connection' could also be no radio signal. Changed to 'No connection'
- Bugfix: Downgrade Pmusic, still shows the highest version number (thanks to 01micko and disciple)
- Bugfix: 'Add random' includes dirs/playlists.
- Bugfix: Use filename if meta-tags contains 'Unknown'.
- Bugfix: Autoload meta-tags after changed preset from Classic.
- Bugfix: an Audio CD can be made a Bookmark. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Open a m3u from rox (pfix=ram - wary-1.02) loads playlist backwards (thanks to fluxit)
- Bugfix: refreshing source-list twice when activating search-button.
- Bugfix: menu->save->tick 'Bookmark'. Didn't appear on Bookmark list. (thanks to don570)
- NLS: Added: LOC257, 267, 409, 475, 804, 805, 806
- NLS: Changed: LOC135, 203, 254, 255
- NLS: Removed: LOC112, 120, 242, 409, 500, 523

22.Nov 2010
- Start playing 1 song immediatly when adding several songs.
- Option: Allow other audio-streams than Pmusic (thanks to fluxit)
- Allow some more audio codecs. (thanks to TheAsterisk!)
- Pmusic icon has changed from red to green.
- Bugfix: right-clickmenu doesn't show active playlist at fresh install.
- Bugfix: search (for word) when no index freezes pmusic.
- Bugfix: 'Add all' added more than music (thanks to playdayz)
- NLS: Added: LOC803

13.Oct 2010
- Bugfix: 'Not able to Delete' error always shows up when deleting source file. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: The first three bookmarks show the path name. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Syntax in *.desktop file. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Yes-no-box at mouse-position instead of screen-center.
- Bugfix: Grammatical error in the message box when deleting a file. (thanks to don570)

3.Oct 2010
- Rewritten bookmark structure.
- Introduced right-click menus.
- Improved radio function. More radio-stations.
- Menu clean-up.
- Choose soundcard optional.(thanks to playdayz)
- Sort bookmarks alphabetical. (thanks to don570)
- Choice to bookmark target directory of copied/ripped tracks (thanks to don570)
- Eject CD. (thanks to don570)
- Auto-set cd-speed which gives faster ripping.
- Reduced height of Music-sources-progressbar.
- Use current path for filename in command
- Splitted 'burn' from 'copy/convert' in menus.
- Place input-box at mouse-position instead of screen-center.
- Message when no internet connection and corrupted file.
- Imnproved 'Delete source file'.
- Bugfix: some terminal output.
- Bugfix: '-s stop' wasn't documented in help-text.
- Bugfix: Search radio-stations.
- Bugfix: Bookmarks list get cleared if trying to add empty bookmark. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Rename a file with a ` as final character gives empty rename field. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Press pause (or -s pause), and Pmusic won't play next song. (thanks to ???)
- Bugfix: Allow file in bookmark path-field.
- Bugfix: Hide tooltips in music-source window (Classic preset).
- Bugfix: Overview button doesn't work with 'Wings' and 'Vertical' preset.
- Bugfix: index stats show too many decimals.
- Bugfix: JumpTo can't work when playing internet stream.
- Bugfix: Rename filenames with " clears the filename. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Copy filename with backtick in filename (`). (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Delete/Rename doesn't update Index files. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Should not be possible to delete/rename/copy radio-station/CD-audio track.
- If the final songname in playlist ends with '*&' or contains [], it loops to the second last song after playing (thanks to don570)
- NLS: Added: LOC_REMOVE, 108, 115, 1210, 203, 204, 466, 471, 472, 473, 474, 492, 524, 525, 801, 802
- NLS: Changed: LOC106, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 409, 462, 468, 490, 1410
- NLS: Removed: LOC113, 241, 248, 464, 501, 518, 801, 802

25.Aug 2010
- Bugfix: Open file from terminal. (thanks to B.K. Johnson)
- Bugfix: Check in id3info exists before trying to use it.
- Bugfix: Tooltips for 'play CD' button. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Copy files in Playlist
- Bugfix: Copy/rip splash screen missed info text (thanks to don570)

22.Aug 2010
- Play audio-CD. - Improved language detection. (thanks to wow)
- Option to bookmark saved playlist. (thanks to don570)
- Removed Navigator window and 'Hide gui'. - Tray app works better.
- Include FAQ into pet package.
- New signal: stop (pmusic -s)
- Moved some features from Tools-menu to File.
- 'Copy/Convert' and 'Burn' has become 'Export'
- Add filebrowser to overview (music sources).
- First run message.
- Bugfix: Copy files; request to overwrite file; NO - stopped all copying.
- Bugfix: 'Pmusic -a *.m3u' loaded twice. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Do not export CD-tracks and streams to Pburn.
- Bugfix: Rox-integration for *.ogg and *.flac files.
- Bugfix: canada radio stations
- Bugfix: 'Undo' (go back in playlist history) missed sometimes.
- NLS: Added $LOC105, 106, 289, 521, 522, 523, 800, 801, 802
- NLS: Changed $LOC290, 291, 298, 299
- NLS: Removed $LOC142, 143, 145, 181, 182, 280

14.Aug 2010
- New 'Radio' module - Overall improved bookmarking - New parameter: '-t' - set start time offset
- Options: convert underscores and %20 to blank. (thanks to don570)
- New lyrics filter: http://lyrc.com.ar (thanks to wow)
- Remember last search-text after adding song
- Click enter in search field adds song if there is only one song in add-list
- Clear history of RECENT played. See preferences. (thanks to don570)
- Download faq if not in local filesystem
- Bugfix: Remove bookmarks that contains special chars
- Bugfix: Rename bookmark doesn't delete the old
- Bugfix: Add several similar bookmarks
- Bugfix: Store playlist to history when click clear-list-button
- Bugfix: Rename '2barks.wav' to '2barks&.wav' I got '2barks2barks' in playlist (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Add random and then move added file in playlist
- NLS: Added $LOC136, 222, 248, 263, 265, 266, 269, 317, 468, 469, 490, 491
- NLS: Changed $LOC276

7.Aug 2010
- Accept translations of faq (thanks to esmourguit)
- Updated faq (thanks to don570)
- Updated translations: French (esmourguit), polish (robwoj44)
- Cleanup in language file (thanks to potong)
- Bugfix: Open playlists with # in filename (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: hide splash when starting Pmusic as backend (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Syntax error in $LOC520 (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Create dir $HOME/my-documents/Podcasts at first run if not exist. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Kill splash when 'cancel' copying of files.
- Bugfix: Check if file already exist failed when convert.
- Bugfix: Convert/copy files in playlist with filenames containg ` or " (thanks to don570)

3.Aug 2010
- Improved index-dialog. New tab with stats.
- Right-click menu on tray-app. (thanks to iguleder)
- Rewritten FAQ. (thanks to don570)
- Link to 'edit playlist names' when using multiple playlists.
- Message if file (song) does not exist. (thanks to don570)
- Tooltip for 'include path' in save dialog.
- Facelift of 'copy files', 'Manage bookmarks' and 'Song info' dialogs.
- Preferences: Resize the field for defining gap beetween songs.
- Calculate playlist length. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Add internet stream to playlist.
- Bugfix: Progressbar showed 'mot found' when buffering internet stream.
- Bugfix: Show recent played when db contains more than 500 songs
- Bugfix: 'Manage bookmarks' dialog steal focus from main window.
- Bugfix: New petspec file. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: 'pmusic -s pause' didn't work.
- Bugfix: Store size/placement when closing from menu. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Reset gtk-theme before starting other apps like asunder, pmetatagger...
- Bugfix: Show/hide tooltips only worked for main gui - not other dialogs.
- Bugfix: Act on song (move/remove) in playlist with special chars in filename. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Play next/previous song when list contains filenames with special chars. (thanks to don570)
- NLS: Added LOC159, 283, 299, 301, 314, 315, 316, 460, 461, 462, 463, 464, 465, 519, 520
- NLS: Changed LOC104, 302, 303, 308, 409, 460
- NLS: Removed LOC244, 245

26.Jul 2010
- iguleder has made a tray-app for pmusic. Turn On/Off in preferences.
- Send signal to a running instance of Pmusic (pmusic -s SIGNAL). See pmusic -h for signals.
- 'pmusic -q' has been replaced by 'pmusic -s quit'.
- Show location (in rox) of playing file (thanks to don570)
- Hide gui from 'Window' menu
- Language support for brazilian portugese (thanks to fyujj)
- NLS: added LOC279, 1410
- Bugfix: syntax error in faq (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Huge cpu-usage when running as backend - 'pmusic -b'

19.Jul 2010
- Show elapsed or remaining time. See tools menu or toolbar. (thanks to darkstrike)
- Minor improvements to preset Wings and Manager.
- New parameter -b to use Pmusic as backend - no gui. (thanks to iguleder)
- NLS: Added LOC158
- NLS: Changed LOC151, 155
- Bugfix: Do not show .. as first item when filebrowser shows /
- Bugfix: Accept filenames with special chars like `?><... (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Toolbar buttons didn't work for lyrics and meta-info
- Bugfix: Menu 'Music-sources' partly didn't work
- Bugfix: Overview links in 'Menu-sources' were read-only.

8.Jul 2010
- reach / in filebrowser in lupu (thanks to Playdayz)

25.Jun 2010
- Control volume and previous/next song with Alt+arrowbuttons in DuDE.
- NLS Added: LOC192
- Bugfix: Do not use metatags in playlist if tag is set to 'unknown'.
23.May 2010
- Tooltips: 'add to tail', 'add after playing' (thanks to OverDrive)
- Menuitem 'Edit meta tags' is renamed to 'Song info / meta tags'
- NLS added: LOC246, 247
- NLS updated: LOC131
- Bugfix: Updated .desktop file (thanks to coolpup)
- Bugfix: Improved detection of correct bookmark in 'Manage Bookmark' dialog.
- Bugfix: Update index using meta-tags (thanks to OverDrive)
- Bugfix: Show progressbar when updating index
14.Apr 2010
- Removed button decoration in mixer.
- Bugfix: Override $LANG for default language. (thanks to esmourguit)
- Bugfix: remove echo > /root/gtk.
- Bugfix: Turn tooltips on/off in a multiuser system.
- Bugfix: 'Most played' db failed when songname contained '&'.
- Bugfix: Removed some terminal output.
- Bugfix: Text syntax of non-english chars in about dialog.
13.Mar 2010
- external dialogs are placed ontop in Stradust (error, save, open...)
- Bugfix: Truncate text in progressbar to avoid window to autoscale (thanks to ljfr)
3.Jan 2010
- Set Pmusic as default audio player during install (thanks to BarrK)
1.Jan 2010
- removed the roxapp 'play with pmusic'.
- Bugfix: Pause (thanks to mcewanw)
- Bugfix: Open files from current dir ('pmusic ./song.mp3') corrupted some functions.

3.Dec 2009
- Added 'Puppy-podcast-grabber' to 'Tools' menu.
- Show 'Buffering...' in progressbar when ffmpeg loads internet stream.
- Added podcasts and more radio stations to bookmarks. (thanks to depfy)
- No decoration on navigation buttons.
- Give add-button default focus in Classic view.
- Show Name of URL in playlist if defined in bookmarks.
- Toolbar is back in 'Classic' Add-window.
- Bugfix: Don't close splash at startup until gui is up and running.
- Bugfix: Play/Add song(s) from commandline/Rox when Pmusic is not already running.
- Bugfix: Move bookmark to/from empty line corrupts list/system.
- Bugfix: pmusic ./song.mp3 didn't work.
- Bugfix: Splash during Lyrics-search.
- Bugfix: Less terminal output.
- NLS Added LOC149, 171
- NLS Changed LOC277

-1 (5.Nov 2009
- Bugfix: Some songs gets corrupted by its meta-info. (thanks to jayargent)
- Bugfix: Search from button.
- Bugfix: Less flickering on older systems (thanks to jayargent)
- Bugfix: Credits doesn't show.
- Bugfix: 'pmusic ./' failed.
- Bugfix: Click-sound when starting a song from commandline.

29.Okt 2009
- Convert audio during copy.
- Improved music-source-overview.
- Improved Bookmark manager.
- Improved cpu handling when closing add-music-dialog.
- Move jump-to-time from play-menu to tools-menu.
- Remove play-menu from Classic and Wings presets
- Bugfix: Bookmarks in music-source menu.
- Bugfix: Click on search-button when add-list is not in search-mode.
- Bugfix: Store playlist when changing window preset, and when saving preferences.
- Bugfix: Play song from Rox doesn't store song in playlist history.
- Bugfix: Some alignments in preferences.
- Bugfix: Add songs not containing length description (flac).
- NLS Added LOC245, 293, 294, 295, 296, 297, 298
- NLS Changed LOC142, 291
- NLS Removed LOC243

24.Okt 2009
- Play from URL adresse.
- Quit music at once you close Pmusic. (thanks to patriot)
- Less cpu-usage. (thanks to Patriot)
- Faster startup.
- If searchfield contains file or URL, add to playlist.
- Accept --help as well as -h parameter.
- Bugfix: Cpu increased when switching beetween window presets.
- Bugfix: Return to prompt atfer -h/-v parameter.
- Bugfix: 'Recent played' was read-only.
- NLS Changed LOC406

20.Okt 2009
- Reorganized music-sources.
- Integration with Rox-filer (right click menu).
- Don't pop-up update_index window before it is needed.
- Updated to menu icon
- Bugfix: Duration could be max 59:59 (thanks to coolpup)
- Bugfix: Show metainfo in progressbar when song is not indexed.
- Bugfix: Fetch song for Lyrics search does not include metainfo is not in index.
- Bugfix: Be sure to view directory content before loading meta-info.
- Bugfix: Click on blank area in playlist started first song.
- NLS Added LOC227
- NLS Changed LOC227, 241, 302
- NLS Removed LOC222, 238, 239, 240, 301, 519

16.Okt 2009
- Faster 'Add random'.
- Removed button: stop meta-loading. No handled well by Pmusic.
- Faster 'search playlists for song'.
- Bugfix: Slow machines could make Pmusic kill itself. (thanks to rerwin)
- Bugfix: Don't show splash for default preset.
- Bugfix: Add playlist that contains full paths.
- Bugfix: Progressbar still running in background in navigator mode and sucked cpu power.
- Bugfix: Cpu-usage increased a little bit each startup as long as music plays.
- Bugfix: Kill meta-loading in browser when user click on something else.
- Bugfix: Progressbar in 'update index' could contain alien text.
- Bugfix: Message when try to rename/delete/copy no-playing-song.
- Bugfix: 'Add random' and 'add all' included directories.
- Bugfix: Looses size, placement coordinates if closed without playing music
- NLS Added LOC255
- NLS Removed LOC114, 115, 116, 117, 410

12.Okt 2009
- More tooltips.
- Updated 'Wings' and 'Vertical' preset.
- Bugfix: Link to themes on the web.
- Bugfix: menu in Add-window caused crash when closed via wm second time.
- Bugfix: Right-click on no item in playlist cleared list.
- NLS Added: LOC222, 411, 412
- NLS Changed: LOC223, 224
- NLS Removed: LOC160

10.Okt 2009
- New Option: Show meta information in playlist (thanks to alex12)
- Enhance 'Add playlist' to use current path if defined playlist-path fails. (thanks to Benboom)
- Updated themes: 'Dark red' & 'Nad'.
- New themes: 'Lighthouse blue Nad' (thanks to tazoc) & 'Brushed'.
- 'Skip this message' option in update_index window if emtpy index.
- Bugfix: Crash after stop playing if running second... instance of Pmusic.
- Bugfix: Don't increase cpu usage when running second... instance of Pmusic.
- Bugfix: Clear playlist - go back to latest playlist in history
- Bugfix: Go to update_index from 'search' if empty index.
- Bugfix: show progress of files with duration beetween 8-10 minutes.
- NLS Added: LOC278, 519

4.Okt 2009
- Changed from gtk-bookmarks to unique Pmusic bookmarks (music sources).
- Faster startup
- Improved progressbar in add-window.
- Bugfix: Drag song to bottom of playlist.
- Bugfix: More stable when open a new gui while Pmusic is already running.
- Bugfix: Update browser when opening add-window from menu
- Bugfix: Show progress when playing song is added more than once.
- Bugfix: Play 1-sec audiofile when file is added more than once.
- Bugfix: Show progress when start playing song once more.
- Bugfix: Foward/rewind doesn't update progressbar.
- Bugfix: Reset progressbar when stop playing.
- Bugfix: Terminal output.
- Bugfix: Open 'about' window with new pid.
- Bugfix: Parameter -h
- NLS Added LOC241, 242
- NLS Changed LOC170, 223, 224
- NLS Removed LOC255

26.Sep 2009
- Removed sgmixer from tools menu, and included zmixer. (thanks to aragon)
- Splash when copy files from playilst.
- Use Default theme to have an option to run with global gtk-theme.
- Bugfix: Playback of files up to 2 sec.
- Bugfix: Playback of *.au files.
- Bugfix: calling pixmap 'null' might show icon. (thanks to aragon)
- Bugfix: Play next song when ffmpeg troubles with complete detection.
- Bugfix: Use 'Manager' preset in system with 2 screens.

22.Sep 2009
- Filebrowser and Index windows are melted to 1 window.
- Instant search in index files.
- Move (drag'n drop) songs freely in playlist.
- More tooltips and option to turn them off in preferences.
- general speedup.
- Browser supports gtk-bookmarks.
- 'Recent/Most played' includes now songs added from filebrowser.
- Clear content of 'Most played' in preferences.
- New preset: Vertical.
- New language-file syntax: 'french' - 'fr_FR:french'
- Dozens of minor changes and improvements.
- Bugfix: kill pid of 'play-next' function.
- Bugfix: Tooltip of stop-button.
- Bugfix: Function 'Copy playing file' missed.
- NLS: Added LOC_INFO, 160, 276, 406, 407, 408, 409, 410, 518
- NLS: Changed LOC132, 133, 134, 135, 220, 228, 274, 301, 501, 514
- NLS: Removed LOC_INDEX, _FILEBROWSER, 114, 115, 116, 117, 221, 222, 227, 240, 241

11.Sep 2009
- Tooltips support.
- Improved alignment in presets.
- Added support of *.raw and *.voc
- Move songs faster up/down in playlist.
- Faster sort.
- Bugfix: Integration with Pburn crashed Pburns builtin browser.
- Bugfix: lyrics

18.Jul 2009
- Improved sort.
- Bugfix: Update index didn't update collections.
- Bugfix: Path-field was editable.

10.Jul 2009
- Pmusic now handles meta-tags much better.
- New filebrowser with support of meta-tags.
- Improved 'Update index' dialog.
- Cleaned up 'Add from index' module.
- add all recursive in open dialog. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Cancel update_index
- Bugfix: Check internet connection before lyrics search.
- Bugfix: window size/placement could be corrupted.
- Bugfix: add all from index.
- Bugfix: update index for only new files.
- Bugfix: Add after selection if selection is last song in playlist
- NLS: Added LOC326, 233, 234, 236, 237, 310, 311, 312, 313, LOC_VIEW
- NLS: Removed LOC231

29.Jun 2009
- Updated Manager and Wings window
- Cleaned up some output to terminal.
- Bugfix: Next song / loop.
- Bugfix: Stop playing when calling Pburn to avoid ffmpeg crash.
- Bugfix: Add after selection / Add to tail.
- Bugfix: Tabs in Manager didn't support NLS (thanks to esmourguit)
- Bugfix: Edit metatags with special characters.
- NLS: Added LOC443

21.Jun 2009
- Start pmusic with more than one file/dir as an argument. (thanks to disciple)
- Start pmusic with a directory as an argument. (thanks to disciple)
- Use parameter -r to add/open directories recursively. (thanks to disciple)
- Add several random songs.
- Add recursively (or not) from filebrowser. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Search only for playable files. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: autoplay added song if playlist is empty.
- Bugfix: Lyrics search hanged if no internet connection.
- Bugfix: Add after selection.
- Bugfix: Add from filebrowser.
- Bugfix: Add all from filebrowser.
- NLS added: LOC514, 515, 516
- NLS changed: LOC325

11.Jun 2009
- New module: Song info (GUI_INFO).
- Improved Manager window.
- Updated lyrics module
- Add selected song in playlist to lyrics search.
- Updated Nad theme. - Colors of tabs.
- Faster startup of Navigator window.
- Bugfix: Set visible of treble/bass in mixer if not supported.
- Bugfix: Play menu.
- Bugfix: Progressbar when searching for selected song in all playlists.
- Bugfix: Do not check for index if user uses filebrowser in Manager window.
- NLS added: LOC135, 255, 442
- NLS removed: LOC221, 250, 251, 320
- NLS changed: LOC111, 131, 501

7.Jun 2009
- New code structure allows flexible GUIs. New menu: Window
- 2 new more complex GUIs: - Simple mixer module.
- Toolbar module.
- Imroved cpu-usage.
- More tooltips.
- Doubleclick in filebrowser adds song. (thanks to ecomoney)
- 'Selection' menu has joined 'Playlist' menu.
- Remember open directory from last time used. (thanks to ecomoney/disciple)
- Reload gui after preferences.
- Menuitem for managing multiple playlist.
- Updated Default and Nad theme.
- Startup splash.
- Bugfix: App killed at startup if xwininfo missed. (thanks to sketchman)
- NLS added: LOC148, 180, 181, 272, 273, 404, 405, 430, 431, 432, 433, 434, 440, 441, 513, INDEX
- NLS removed: LOC130, 263, 265, 266, 267
- NLS changed: LOC110, 132, 133, 134

25.May 2009
- Option: Gap between songs (thanks to michalis)
- Auto-restart Pmusic after changed prefernces.
- Reorganized playlist. length in 1. coloumn.
- More space between cloumns in 'default' theme.
- Bugfix: Move song up/down several moves.
- Bugfix: 'Go 30 sec FORWARD' should be BACK.
- NLS: added LOC271
- NLS: removed LOC269

21.May 2009
- Added '-D plughw' to aplay command to avoid stutter and lower cpu usage.
- Bugfix: Closing Pmusic from file>quit didn't save settings. (thanks to DaveS)
- Bugfix: Use original gtktheme when opening external programs. (Sorry Mick)
- Bugfix: Play first song if nothing is selected in playlist.

19.May 2009
- Including a 'default' theme. - Tooltips for playlist-history-buttons and rewind/forward.
- Store size and placement of main window also when closing from window mananger.
- Bugfix: Loop playlist didn't work.
- Bugfix: Move song up/down SEVERAL moves.
- NLS added LOC400, 401, 402, 403

13.May 2009
- Lower cpu usage.
- Link to www in preferences - themes and languages. (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: Avoid startup with previous song-info in progressbar.
- Bugfix: There were still 1 process that hang after shutdown.

8.May 2009
- 'Do not show progress' in preferences, DOES now show name of song.
- Include menuitem (link) to related apps if exist.
- Bugfix: Accurate 'remove directory' from 'update index'.
- NLS: Added LOC145, 146, 147
- NLS: Changed LOC265

25.Apr 2009
- Autodetection of all languages in ISO 639-1.
- Stop music when close window.
- Window scalable smaller than default (both main and add window).
- Remember window position/size of main window when 'quit' from menu.
- Keep order (optional) when copy songs in playlist.
- Chinese language support. (thanks to sasaqqdan)
- Copy files (tools menu) now uses $HOME as default target dir.
- Bugfix: Kill pid when close window.
- Bugfix: Adding same song several times to playlist gave unexpected result when edit list.
- Bugfix: Rename file overwrote old without message.
- Bugfix: 'Most played' didn't work.
- NLS: Added LOC290, 291, 292
- NLS: Removed LOC502

10.Feb 2009
- Improved menu icon in jwm.
- Bugfix: Start Pmusic [playlist] from terminal.

13.Jan 2009
- Lyrics fetcher now supports lyricswiki. (thanks to HairyWill)
- Polish translation (thanks to Robert Wojewódzki (robwoj44))
- New msg if user adds more than 200 songs into playlist.
- Bugfix: Calculation error on some systems. (thanks to robwoj44)
- Bugfix: 'Warning' missed translation.
- Bugfix: Pmusic wrote a /root/test file. (Thanks to HairyWill)
- NLS added: LOC_WARNING, LOC510, 511, 512

7.Jan 2009
- Add random song from index list.
- Support of indexing '../Artist - Album/songs' directory structure.
- German language support. (thanks to aragon)
- Bugfix: Index songs in directory structure.
- Bugfix: Write $LANGUAGE to pmusicrc after 'apply' new preferences. (thanks to aragon)
- NLS changed: LOC507
- NLS added: LOC232

2.Jan 2009
- parameter -a to add song to playlist instead of playing it. (thanks to lilleguard-liste)
- Parameter -v and -h
- BUGFIX: Save chosen language after applyed in preferences.

30.Dec 2008
- Lyrics fetcher.
- Possible to override language in preferences.
- NLS Added: LOC144, 270, 271, 510

19.Dec 2008
- Language support
- Moved menuitem 'Clear playlist' from 'File' to 'Playlist'
- Packed without builtin theme.
- Bugfix: Removed start-song-delay on low-powered systems.

22.Oct 2008
- Bugfix: Until first play, Pmusic goes straight to 100% cpu-usage.

20.Sept 2008
- Bugfix: 'Add' from menu didn't check for first-time-index.
- Bugfix: Move to top.
- Bugfix: Forward/rewind didn't update time in progressbar. (thanks to Michalis)

12.Sept 2008
- Reduced cpu-usage with around 400% compared to version 0.3.0 (thanks to Michalis & HairyWill)
- Kill func_progress when Pmusic closes. (thanks to HairyWill)
- Some code cleanup.
- Clear active m3u for save dialog.
- Simplified managing of audio formats.
- opened support for *.aiff *.gsm *.ra *.mp4 *.m4a *.aac

24.Aug 2008
- Index ARTIST/ALBUM/songs directory structure.
- Bugfix: Redicection of 'cat' in Puppy 4.1

22.Aug 2008
- Bugfix: Show most played songs disn't work in Puppy 4.1.
- Bugfix: Show 0:00 as length in progressbar when start another song. Don't wait for backend.

20.Aug 2008
- Bugfix: Pmusic didn't play audiofiles with very short length ( 1 sec ). (thanks to BarryK)
- Bugfix: Cleaned up some output to terminal.

10.Aug 2008
- Theme support.
- Pmusic runs better on older hardware:
- New option: Higher cpu-priority to avoid stutter (nice -18 ).
- The progress-bar-function is set to use lesser cpu (nice +18 ).

4.Aug 2008
- Keep progress bar when showing tool tips.
- Activate 'Ok' button as default action in save-dialog.
- Set icon in window heading.
- Bugfix: Syntax in about.
- Bugfix: Pause.
- Bugfix: Remember defined playlist after 'save'.

21.jul 2008
- Experimental support of *.ape *.flac *.pls *.shn
- Bugfix: version upgrade.

15.jul 2008
- upgrade check.
- Bugfix: sort playlist when 'add all' from open-dialog.
- Bugfix: more hangs/locks/freeze when stop/new song.
- Bugfix: losing info in progress bar after open song from filemanager.
- Bugfix: (un)loop during play didn't work.
- Bugfix: keep progress bar steady even if output from backend are invalid.

13.jul 2008
- Add all button in open dialog (thanks to DreamsToGo)
- Bugfix: Pmusic sometimes freeze. (thanks to DreamsToGo)
- Bugfix: Open-dialog opens now in $HOME instead of /usr/local/pmusic (thanks to DreamsToGo)

11.jul 2008
- Bugfix: Index dialog loops

10.jul 2008
- Initial release

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