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>>Privacy, right of:
Right of a person to be free from intrusion into matters of a personal nature. In tort law, privacy is a right not to have one's intimate life and affairs exposed to public view or otherwise invaded. [[ Encyclopædia Britannica Concise]]>>
[[ 'Join the fight for privacy now!']] R. Stallman

Privacy enhancements:
- Abstain from products and services of corporations (including their subsidiaries) that violate privacy, notably Apple, Facebook, Google (Motorola) and Microsoft (Skype)
- Use encrypted Wed search engine:
- Use encrypted, anonymous network connections: [[Tor]], OpenSSH
- Use encryption and sign your data and communication: [[gnupg GNU Privacy Guard]]
- Use particular extensions with Mozilla-based Web browsers: [[noscript]], [[priv3]], [[httpseverywhere]], [[ requestpolicy]]
- Use partition encryption: TrueCrypt
- Use secure file deletion: SecureErase

Block unwanted network content by appending to ///etc/hosts//:

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