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~Directory and file synchronizer; data back-up. G.U.I for [[rsync]] created by [[Don570]].
~A simple pet package that is very small. 5 source folders(max) can be configured so that data is backed up.
~[[rsync]] utility app is used in background so that incremental changes will be backed up in subsequent launches. [[cron]] is used to provide for automatic backup. A check is made for the mounting of the destination folder. A reset button is provided to start configuration afresh.

~It should run on nearly all Puppy variants as long
~as [[gtkdialog|gtkdialog 0.8]] or better can be installed

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==Available download==
~[[ puppy-rsync thread]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[gRsync]] - alternative GUI
~[[rsync]] - commandline backend
~[[Backup|Backup Information]]

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