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Release notes

b6658ab75cd5d48f358f0ee31b06b934 lupu-525.iso

Devx for developers (programming, compiling)
a72c8744b220c5bf02d5161445927382 lupu_devx_525.sfs

Piratebay torrent mirror
(Click "DOWNLOAD THIS TORRENT" underneath the big green download button.)
Piratebay direct .torrent link
Torrent hound
freshwap torrent
kickass torrent
other torrents

Lite version 105MB
Lucid Tmxxine 525 300MB test remaster from Lobster
. . . coming next Puppy 5.3 the most secure Puppy ever . . .

Created with Puppy Woof, Puppy compiled programs
and binaries from Lucid, Maverick and Natty Ubuntu

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