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Lucid 526 testing luci-260.ISO available on forum
make sure you have the latest and check for any suggested tests and report back on the forum
An updated and bug fixed Puppy Lucid 525 created with Puppy Woof, Puppy compiled programs
and binaries from Lucid, Maverick and Natty Ubuntu.

After Lucid 5.2.6 is done, we will have a good basis for a Community Edition. I envision this as a larger than usual Puppy, with additional programs suggested by forum members. Maybe 160-180MB. Oh yes, with a more advanced kernel! Pemasu's work is a model for what I have in mind. At the same time we release the Community Edition wouldn't it be amazing if we could release a twin 64-bit edition! Or at least a "hybrid" 32/64 bit edition. Iguleder seems to have something going on there. You never know
Larry Short (Playdayz) chief developer

An updated Lucid Puppy, great stuff !!




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