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5.28 Lucid

Puppy 5.28 Lucid

Lucid Puppy 5.2.8 - Updated ISO Version 004 - DEC 19 2011

Puppy 5.28 is the latest official version of Lucid - ubuntu based. The Lucid series runs from Puppy 5.00 - 5.29. Package compatibility across this series is good.

(Development for Puppy 5.3 switched to Slacko which is slackware based.)

Flash bug update
Install 528 from Windows NB: 5.3 is Slackware based
You can not just 'upgrade'. New install or run from DVD required

The fastest, friendliest, and most fun Lucid yet.
Playdayz coordinator of Lucid

Here is the current version of the Updated ISO (004).
Fast download ->
Slow download ->
md5 checksum -> 4d8c53f27d605775b1791fb32791c704





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