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====Puppy 5.28 Lucid====
~//The fastest, friendliest, and most fun Lucid yet.//
~LASTEST UPDATE see the - [[ Version 005 released APR 05 2012 thread]]

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~Puppy 5.2.8 is the latest version of Lucid - ubuntu based. Lucid 5.2.8 is a mature, well-tested product with a nice set of usability features, a good amount of available software, and a supportive user base. It precedes [[Puppy53 Puppy 5.3 Slacko]] and [[Precise]] which are proceeded by [[Quirky|April]]

~~[[ and]] Dec 2015 (non-official) upgraded with its major components brought up to date
~~[[ Flash bug update]]
~~[[ Install 528 from Windows download]]

~**Puppy standard**
~~Here is the current version of the Updated ISO (005).
~~download -> [[ upu-528.005.iso]]
~~md5 checksum -> 8ad170c46b523436776398fa5ce39fa4
~**Compiling and Development**
~~Install [[devx]] to add developer tools-
~~Development Add-on (devx) -> [[ lupu_devx_528-4.sfs]] (still valid for -5)
~~md5 checksum -> bf14b9eea9d67ad2f58dd11dc15832f7
~**Optional Upgrades**
~~[[PMusic PMusic 2.2.2]] Music player, upgrade provides the dependencies for Pmusic to version 2.2.2, and then further updates can be downloaded from the pmusic thread.
~~[[ download]]
~~[[Sylpheed Sylpheed 3.1.2]] Email client upgrade to 3.1.2
~~[[ download]]
~~[[Dillo Dillo 3.0.1]] Internet browser upgrade to 3.0.1
~~[[ download]]
~~[[SFSLoad SFS-Load 1.3.]] Load more sfs's on the fly.

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Lupu-528JP (Japanese/English bilingual)]]
~[[ 5.2.8 review (dedoimedo)]]

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