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~**Qt** is an open source [[ApplicationFramework application framework]] developed the Qt Project, involving individuals and companies - notably Nokia. Many Qt applications are written in [[CPlusPlus C++]], although bindings to other languages are available. [[KDE]] desktop environment is based on [[Qt]].

~Qt is not standard on Puppy. However, much work has been done to implement the framework. Generally speaking to run a Qt application on Puppy requires the installation of a [[software software package]]. Similarly, to compile or develop a Qt app, a package is required (usually with 'dev' in its name). See Software Packages below, or [[Qt Qt installation]].

==Polar Pup==
~[[Polarpup]] comes with ""Qt4"" as standard and some Qt apps such as [[Clementine]] and its [[devx]] has the development files. This makes using Qt applications very easy.

==Qt Puppy==
~[[QtPuppy]] is version of Puppy that uses ""Qt4"" as the default framework, currently under development by scsijon. The first step is to get Mageia 2 based Puppy up and running, then later a version using Mageia 3. These will then be branched into ""QtPuppy"". To help test please see, [[ this forum page]].

==Qt version 5==
~""Qt5"" will be a 'different' beastie to ""Qt3/Qt4"". It will be using cloud applications as the base rather than ""Qt4's"" workstation/server focus.

==Also on the wiki==
~[[PolarPup]] - Puppy comes with Qt as standard
~[[Qt]] - install Qt
~[[QtPuppy]] - under development, a Puppy that uses Qt as the default framework
~[[CompilingQtAndScimQtModules Compiling Qt and Scim Qt Modules]]
~[[SoftwareDetails Software Development Details]]

==Software Packages==
~[[ Qt4 PETs directory]] compiled by pemasu
~[[ Qt4 on T2]]
~[[ for Wary]] annoucemnent by [[BarryK]]
~[[ file download]]
~[[ and]] for [[Wary]]
~[[ qt-4.8.3-u-20130307.txz and qt_library-5.0.2-20130411.txz]] runtime only by CoolPup
~[[ qt-4.8-polar plus pet thread]] hacked from Polar Pup
~[[]] (deadlink ?)
~Also see[[Qt]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Qt project homepage]]
~[[ Mageia 2 Puppy, Mage and 'qtpuppy' thread]]
~[[ Qt interest group thread]]
~[[ Software that uses Qt]]

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