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~Remaster Puppy with your customizations and defaults.

==[[ How to remaster Puppy Linux semi-automatically]]==

~Script location: %%# which remasterpup2

==How to remaster Puppy Linux manually==
- copy the existing file system to a working directory, e.g.: %%mkdir /mnt/home/puppyfilesystem%% %%cp -a /initrd/pup_ro2/* /mnt/home/puppyfilesystem%%
- (optional, but recommended) modify the contents of the working directory to one's requirements by inspecting the contents of the //pup_save// file, either ///initrd/pup_rw// for pupmode 12 or ///initrd/pup_ro1// for pupmode 13; and then copy from there the directories ///root//, ///usr// and ///var//: %%cat /etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE%%
- create the SFS file of the modified file system, e.g.: %%mkdir /mnt/home/puppylivediscbuild%% %%cd /mnt/home%% %%mksquashfs puppyfilesystem puppylivediscbuild/puppy-remastered.sfs -noappend%%
- (optional) copy any necessary files to ///mnt/home/puppylivediscbuild// from the original optical disc and create the ISO file: %%cd /mnt/home%% %%mkisofs -b isolinux.bin -c -D -l -R -v -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o "puppy_remaster.iso" puppylivediscbuild%%
- (optional) [[livedvd write (burn) the ISO file to optical disc]]

==Also on the Wiki==
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~[[whiteout files|whiteout file (.wh)]] - used by layered filesystem to remove read-only file

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