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How to Remaster the Puppy Operating System

Remaster Puppy Linuxsemi-automatically (using scripts)

How to remaster Puppy manually

Remastering a Full Installation?
Unlike a frugal install, there is no need to remaster a full install to change what is there, it is changed, good or ~bad. There is no layering system used, so there is no initrd directory in the root of a full install. The remastering is only needed for convenience, if you plan on transfering the full install to another machine with a live CD.
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Remastering Fluppy 2
Fluppy has 2 remaster apps. One for cd remaster and one (based on dougals script) for full installs.
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Advantages of Remastering as an alternative to Savefile
"Instead of savefiles I do a manual remaster with my settings and whatever DEV tools I need and always run in pfix=ram mode. If I want to save something permanently, I simply mount a partition, save whatever I need and unmount it when I am done. This keeps too much garbage from building up (not just cookies and temp files but also other random stray files from whatever software I have tested and abandoned) Puppy is so simple to remaster and takes so little space, I see no reason not to have each version/puplet in its own directory (even duplicates for multiple users)"

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