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====How to Use a Scanner With Puppy Linux====

~[[XSane]] or [[PeasyScan]] can be used to scan an image. These are front-ends for Sane (which provides the drivers - [[ see list of supported scanners]]). They will detect the scanner on startup if the right drivers are loaded.


~~[[ How to Install Brother Printers and Scanners]]

~~[[ Install Canon MPXXX Scanner in Puppy/Quirky/Lupu]]

~~[[ Epson scanner software updated to v2.26.4]]
~~[[ Epson scanner driver ]]

~**Hewlett Packard (HP)**
~~[[ HplipLite dynamic]] for Puppy 5 and later
~~[[ Hplip and HplipLite packages]] for Puppy 4 and earlier

~~[[ Samsung Printer/Scanner Drivers]]

==Faster scanner start-up==
~Edit the file ///etc/sane.d/dll.conf// so that only the relevant models are listed, i.e. comment out the irrelevant ones.

==Also see==
~[[XSane]] - scanning front-end program for Sane
~[[PeasyScan]] - alternative frond-end for Sane
~[[libusb]] - USB access for applications
~[[ List of supported scanners]] - these are compatible with Sane and therefore Puppy
~[[ Install Printer/Scanner in Quirky/Lupu/Slacko thread]]
~[[ Simple-Scan for PuppyLinux thread]]

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