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~Complete internet productivity suite including browser and mail client. Part of the [[Mozilla]] family who also create the [[Firefox]] browser.

~Seamonkey is included in some versions of Puppy. Otherwise install an appropriate software package:
~[[ SeaMonkey Portable]] Puppy GUI to get the latest SeaMonkey in your language and install it outside the pupsave file at /mnt/home
~[[]] packaged by [[Watchdog]]
~[[ Seamonkey-2.12.1-en SFS]] packaged by [[Shinobar]]
~[[ Seamonkey PET at Wary5 repository]]
~[[ Seamonkey for puppy-3.01]]

~[[Spot|Root, Spot and Fido user accounts]] - Seamonkey can be run as spot that doesn't have root privileges

~+[[alsalib alsa-lib]],+[[bzip2]],+[[dbus]],+[[dbusglib dbus-glib]],+[[glib]],+[[grep]],+[[libevent]],+[[libvpx]],+[[sqlite]],+[[tar]],+[[wget]]

==Also on the WIki==
~[[Thunderbird]] - standalone version of the Mozilla email client

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Wary packages (]]
~[[ Security Advisories]]

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