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The function is used to launch a Window to do any of the following:
1. configure a wireless profile:
2. select a wireless profile to connect with,
3. connect to a wireless network interface using a wireless profile.

This wizard only connects to the point of access of the wireless network (e.g. a router). For complete network setup and IP address must be assigned and if the network is an access point to the internet then a default gateway and nameserver also needs to be defined.


showProfileWindow is part of located at:


it is launched automatically if is called from the command line but is not called by default if is sourced as a function library. This function is usually called from Network Wizard ( when someone presses the wireless button on the, "Configure Network Interface window". Once this wireless profile wizard connects to an access point of a wireless network, the wizard exists and returns to the "Configure Network Interface Window" from where the rest of the network setup can be completed such as configuring the IP address and nameserver.




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