If you have installed Puppy Linux, you won't immediately see any difference. To run Puppy Linux, you must restart your computer (or turn it off, then turn it back on). You might want to read the rest of this page before you restart, though, because you won't be able to access the page immediately. If you decide to do this, you may want to take notes.

When it turns on, you will see a screen with an option of starting Windows or Puppy Linux. Press the down arrow on your keyboard until "Start Puppy Linux" is selected, then press enter.

Puppy Linux will then start for the first time. Wait until you see a desktop (it should only take a minute or so). Some windows might come up asking you questions. If you don't know what they mean, don't change the setting. Click OK.

After all the prompts are gone, click the icon labeled "connect" on the desktop. Due to the endless ways you can have your internet connection set up, I will not cover connecting in this guide, but you should be able to connect by trying different things.

Next, you should download a web browser. Simply click the icon labeled "browse" on the desktop. An box with different web browsers will appear. If you prefer one web browser, click it. If you are not sure what a web browser is, select "Firefox". The installer may ask you what version you want to install. Pick the top one, or the highest version. Wait until the download is complete. After, just click OK. After it says it's done installing, click on "browse" on the desktop to go onto the internet.

At this point, if you are reading ahead, you can restart now.
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