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~A **""SquashFS""**(SFS) is a compressed __read-only__ file that contains files and a directory structure. If Puppy is Frugally installed an SFS forms the base of the Puppy installation. Extra SFS files can be loaded as additional layers. In full installs an SFS can be decompressed and copied to the installation. The file extension is ##.sfs##. Often large or multiple programs are packaged in this format.

==Loading SFS software packages with a Frugal installation==
~1. The SFS package should be located at ##/mnt/home##.
~2. Then use one of the following methods to load the SFS:
~~-[[SFSLoad SFS Load]] (does not require re-booting) menu option at: //Menu > Setup > Setup Puppy > SFS Load//
~~-[[BootManager]] (requires re-booting) menu option at: //Menu > System > ""BootManager""//
~~-The RightClick menu option from the filer.
~~-Use terminal commands.

==Loading SFS software packages with Full installation==
~If you are using a Full Installation see [[HowtoAddSFStoFullInstall How to Add SFS to Full Installation]].

==Mounting SFS==
~If not loaded SFS files can be un/mounted and searched in ROXfiler simply by click the file in the filer window.

==More Information==
~For a guide to the Squash file system see this [[ PDF file]].

~[[ Compatibility chart for Puppy4]]

==Lists of SFS software packages==
~[[ Lighthouse SFS]]
~[[PuppySites Puppy Sites - repositories]]

==Related Files-types==
~[[Pets]] - PET format packages
~[[BaseSFS]] - The SFS that forms the base of a Puppy installation
~[[PupSave]] - Stores changes in a Frugal installation

==How tos==
~[[HowtoMakeSFSPackage How to make SFS from Package]]
~[[HowtoAddSFStoFullInstall How to Add SFS to Full Installation]]
~[[SquashFSPuppy1 SFS on Puppy 1]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[createsfs]] - combine PET files into one SFS, commandline
~[[EasyPackage]] - cli tool for combining PETs into a PET or SFS
~[[GnewPet]] - extracts PETs and SFSs from current installation
~[[PetMaker]] - simple tools for making PETs and SFS
~[[PETS2SFSGUI]] - combines/converts PET files into one SFS, with GUI
~[[SFS2PET]] - convert a SFS file to a PET file
~[[SFSCombiner SFS_Combiner]] combines several SFS files into one SFS, with GUI
~[[SFSConvertor]] - converts between SFS v3 and v4
~[[SFSdirloader]] - SFS loader
~[[SFSget]] - SFS downloader
~[[SFSLoad SFS_Load]] - can load SFS files on the fly
~[[SFSPlus]] - run any program in an SFS (mounting and loading done in background)

==Related Webpages==
~[[ SquashFS homepage]]

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