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The Syslinux Project collection of bootloaders

Verify installed version by using the command-line interface (not available for versions older than 4.01):
# syslinux --version 370KB software package - DISCLAIMER

Dependencies: bzip2, grep, tar

# syslinux
Usage: syslinux [options] device
  --offset     -t  Offset of the file system on the device 
  --directory  -d  Directory for installation target
  --install    -i  Install over the current bootsector
  --update     -U  Update a previous EXTLINUX installation
  --zip        -z  Force zipdrive geometry (-H 64 -S 32)
  --sectors=#  -S  Force the number of sectors per track
  --heads=#    -H  Force number of heads
  --stupid     -s  Slow, safe and stupid mode
  --raid       -r  Fall back to the next device on boot failure
  --once=...       Execute a command once upon boot
  --clear-once -O  Clear the boot-once command
  --reset-adv      Reset auxilliary data
  --menu-save= -M  Set the label to select as default on the next boot
  --mbr        -m  Install an MBR (DOS/Win32 installers only)
  --active     -a  Mark partition as active (DOS/Win32 installers only)
  --force      -f  Ignore precautions (DOS/Win32/mtools installers only)

  Note: geometry is determined at boot time for devices which
  are considered hard disks by the BIOS.  Unfortunately, this is
  not possible for devices which are considered floppy disks,
  which includes zipdisks and LS-120 superfloppies.

  The -z option is useful for USB devices which are considered

e.g. install the boot loader to device sdb1:
# syslinux -i --stupid /dev/sdb1

Using syslinux older than version 4.01
# syslinux --help   
Usage: ./syslinux [-sfr][-d directory][-o offset] device

e.g. install the boot loader to device sdb1:
# syslinux -sf /dev/sdb1

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