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====Tahrpup 6.0 CE====
~**Tahrpup** is an official community edition (CE) of Puppy Linux, built from ubuntu 14.04 LTS trusty tahr packages, 3.14.20 kernel, this means it is a [[Upup]]. This version's development has been lead by 666philb. Includes all the latest fixes and improvements from the //'[[woof|woof CE]] testing branch'//.
~[[savefile|Save to folder]], easy kernel swapping, suspend to ram, [[quickpet]], palemoon, vlc, deadbeef, qt, python, getflash, rightclick options, listDD, copyfast, samba tng, battery alarm, libhal fix, vdpau drivers, bash fix, frisbee fix.
~Includes [[JWM]], [[parcellite]], [[mtpaint]], [[sylpheed]], [[geany]], [[asunder]], [[mhwaveedit]], [[ffconvert]], [[pavrecord]], [[pburn]], [[urxvt]], [[abiword]], [[grub4dos]], [[isomaster]], [[pfind]], [[psync]], [[sfsload]] and more.

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~To [[InstallationIndex|install]] download an [[ISO]] file:
~[[ tahrpup 6.0-CE iso and devx]]

==Developers, contributors and Testers==
~666philb, [[barryk]], [[01micko]], [[shinobar]], mavrothal, giro, rcrsn51, [[zigbert]], sfr, [[peebee]], wjaguar, jamesc, billtoo, musher0, don570, wyzguy, radky, sszindiian, live, BKjohnson, brownmouse, pemasu and anyone forgotten.

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[PAE|Choosing PAE or non PAE help]]

==Other versions==
~[[ X-Tahr-2.0]] uses [[Xfce]] desktop environment

==Related Webpages==
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