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====Video Drivers for Slacko====
~[[Puppy53 Puppy 5.3x Slacko]] has a Video card test and more drivers in the SlickPet
~//PuppyMenu > Setup > Setup Puppy > SlickPet//
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====Video and Video Driver Index====
[[XOrg]] - most common system
[[XVesa]] - alterative to Xorg
[[VideoDriverInformation Video Driver Information]]
[[Vesa]] - Driver for Xorg
[[XRandr]] - Video output configuration command
[[zarfy]] - resolution changer tool, good for multiple monitors
[[LxRandr]] - tool for monitor configuration
[[Grandr]] - gtk tool for monitor configuration
[[ConfigureAdditionalDisplay Configure Additional Display]]
==Related Webpage==
~[[ Video tips for Puppy and derivatives post]]
~[[ How to get Video hardware information post]]
~[[ Xorg driver update for various cards]]

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