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~**XFCE** is a lightweight [[desktop environment|]]. However, it is heavier than the 'classic' Puppy combination of [[JWM]] and [[RoxFiler]]. Functionality is slightly different. It can be installed as an additional environment, or some Puppies come with it as default.

~Install an appropriate [[software package|]]:
~~[[]] for [[Lucid]]
~~[[ xfce]] for [[Lighthouse]]
~~[[ XFCE 4.6.1 Pet]] for [[NOP]]
~~[[ XFCE 4.6.1 Pet]] for [[PuppyRus]]
~~[[ XFCE-4.4.1.SFS and XFCE-4.4.1.PET]] for [[Puppy3]]
~~[[ xfce-]] for [[Puppy2]]

~Dependencies: +[[bzip2]],+[[dbus]],+[[dbusglib dbus-glib]],+[[grep]],+[[tar]]

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~Starting xfce:
~~- ctrl + alt + backspace
~~- type //xwin startxfce4//

==Puppy with XFCE 'built-in'==
~[[Carolina]] - XFCE as standard
~[[Tahrpup|X-Tahr]] - XFCE as standard

==Also on the Wiki==

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Xfce homepage]]
~[[ xfce-themes (]]

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