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XZ Utils

file compression

XZ Utils create 30% smaller output than gzip compression and 15% smaller output than bzip2 compression.

Verify installed version via the command-line interface:
xz --version

Binary code distribution packaged by coolpup {contains DEV files}
Source code distribution

Dependencies: +bzip2,+gettext,+grep,+tar

To un-pack (extract) files with the extension .tar.xz (or .txz), enter into the command-line interface (upper-case J option, not lower-case j option):
tar xfJv [file...]

To decompress (extract) a file or directory with the extension .xz:
xz -d [file...] [dir...]

To compress a file or directory with xz compression:
xz [file...] [dir...]

To create an archive of a directory with xz compression:
tar cfJv file.tar.xz [dir...]

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