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youtube-dl video downloader software package

Dependencies: +bzip2,+grep,+python,+tar

#  youtube-dl --help
Usage: youtube-dl [options] url...

  -h, --help            print this help text and exit
  -v, --version         print program version and exit
  -U, --update          update this program to latest stable version
  -i, --ignore-errors   continue on download errors
  -r LIMIT, --rate-limit=LIMIT
						download rate limit (e.g. 50k or 44.6m)
  -R RETRIES, --retries=RETRIES
						number of retries (default is 10)
						playlist video to start at (default is 1)
						playlist video to end at (default is last)
  --dump-user-agent     display the current browser identification

  Authentication Options:
	-u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
						account username
	-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
						account password
	-n, --netrc         use .netrc authentication data

  Video Format Options:
	-f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT
						video format code
	--all-formats       download all available video formats
						highest quality format to download

  Verbosity / Simulation Options:
	-q, --quiet         activates quiet mode
	-s, --simulate      do not download video
	-g, --get-url       simulate, quiet but print URL
	-e, --get-title     simulate, quiet but print title
	--get-thumbnail     simulate, quiet but print thumbnail URL
	--get-description   simulate, quiet but print video description
	--get-filename      simulate, quiet but print output filename
	--no-progress       do not print progress bar
	--console-title     display progress in console titlebar

  Filesystem Options:
	-t, --title         use title in file name
	-l, --literal       use literal title in file name
	-A, --auto-number   number downloaded files starting from 00000
						output filename template
	-a FILE, --batch-file=FILE
						file containing URLs to download ('-' for stdin)
	-w, --no-overwrites
						do not overwrite files
	-c, --continue      resume partially downloaded files
	--cookies=FILE      file to dump cookie jar to
	--no-part           do not use .part files
	--no-mtime          do not use the Last-modified header to set the file
						modification time

  Post-processing Options:
	--extract-audio     convert video files to audio-only files (requires
						ffmpeg and ffprobe)
						"best", "aac" or "mp3"; best by default

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